Tuesday, July 30, 2013

35 weeks!!!!

I am so proud of our lil ladies for staying put this long - perhaps they are feeling guilty about scaring the crap out of us 2.5 weeks ago and I think they are enjoying the amazing foods I have been eating the past weeks...I'll keep eating as long as they keep gaining!
Having 2 strong, healthy, 6 pound babies would be AMAZING.
Here's to hoping!!

35 weeks!

Pardon the repetition of my wardrobe the past weeks...I am pretty much limited to maternity tank tops, yoga pants, and a few sun dresses - for those fancy days where we actually GO OUT for ice cream or to Wegmans for dinner.

All has been calm the past few days....NST results yesterday were perfect...both girls look strong! OB appt was great...Doc does not want us to move up our scheduled c-section date just yet (schedule for 8/22) even though she highly doubts we will make it that long. She thinks the girls will come sometime next week....she says to be ready at anytime and just hope for the best.

One of my main worries is that both babies won't be strong enough to come home with us from the hospital....the thought of that happening is upsetting but at least they will be getting the best care imaginable in the NICU. 
Doc seems to think that if they were to come this week, they probs would need a week or 2 in the NICU due to not being able to regulate their body temps and probably would need feeding tubes as mastering the suck-swallow-breathe eating technique is tough for lil ones.
BUT if they arrive next week - she says she can almost guarantee us that they will come home with us...soooooo - since I have complete control over when they come - I have decided the girls will come next week...any day is fine with me...but Wednesday or Thursday would be nice so we could get to 36.5 weeks which is only days shy of full term for twins. 

Outside of baby watch 2013 - I am barely sleeping but thanks to Orange is the New Black on Netflix - being up all night is not too bad...if you have not seen this show, it's time to jump on the bandwagon as it is addicting. I promised Erin I would wait for her to watch the finale but she has chosen to sleep at night instead of staying up and watching 6 episodes a night so I am a solid 4 episodes ahead of her...she best catch up.

Also, being at Mom's house means stumbling across many pics from my childhood...including this stellar pic of Sawyer's god-mom from back in the 90's

Also, getting in some quality time w/ Tyson Ferdinand before his life is turned upside-down by our two lil ladies

and loving visits from our favorite ladies....

Also, cannot forget my lil minions who are amazing :)

Here's to hoping our lil ladies can wait until at least 36 weeks to show up!!

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  1. Oh...m...geee! I think your belly is even bigger since I saw you last week!! Love it! Those girls will stay put a little bit longer! But I CAN'T wait to meet the little ladies!! You look amazing bud and I'm so glad I made the blog this week! Xo