Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Happy 11 weeks to my lil ladies....You're amazing to me :) 

Amazing....and devious ;) I'll explain why.

While I am loving this SAHM gig, some days are tough...and messy...and sleepless...and that day was today.

Erin and I fed the girls at 10pm last night and surprisingly they both ate 4 ounces at this feed. Typically the last feed of the night is a tough one and they usually do 2-3 ounces but shit, if those 2-3 ounces buy me an extra hour or two of sleep - i'll force gently encourage them to eat as much as possible.

I went to bed hoping for at least 4-5 hours of sleep. I also had made the decision to stop pumping. This was a tough decision for me to make as my hopes all throughout my pregnancy were to exclusively breastfeed for at least the first 4-5 months but with tiny babies, and after a month of trying - that proved to not be in the books for us. Luckily, Peyton will nurse to soothe herself and I am pumping enough for 1 baby so luckily again, our girls are on 50% formula and 50% breast milk. 

Pumping is taking up so much time of my day and I am finding that it is stressing me out too much as it is taking time away from my girls. I will be laying there with one of them snuggled on me but my mind wanders and I get anxious that I have to pump. I was ready to give this up...I know I tried my best and I would rather spend these months with 100% of my attention on my girls rather than being hooked up to a machine. So Erin and I talked and decided that we would move towards 100% formula. Upon getting into bed, I was praying for sleep and was having trouble falling asleep as I was worried if giving up pumping was the best decision (head case much?) 

Anywho - the girls slept until 5am....freakin amazing....We got up...They each ate 3 ounces and after one gigantic throw up due to Sawyer falling asleep with a bit of formula in her mouth then gagging herself...we all got tucked back into bed by 630am and slept until 8am...GREAT NIGHT!

I knew I had plans tonight to head out to dinner with fellow Mom's of Multiples so on my agenda today was to pack for our weekend trip and enjoy my ladies.

I woke up with my bubbies ready to burst due to stopping pumping and knew that this would be the case for the next few days....long story short - my neurotic mind got the best of me and after about 30 texts back and forth with Er...I changed my mind about stopping pumping and scrambled to pump before having to feed the girls again. 

But of course - I had just put my hands free pumping bra in the laundry so I paused the washer while it was still on the spin cycle and dug out my bra...ran back upstairs to put on an ice cold, dripping wet bra and start pumping before my bubbies exploded. 

Pumped for a good 15 minutes and by that time, both of my minions were yelling at me to feed them. 

We got set up on our boppies and the feed commenced. Both girls did their usual I-AM-STARVING-FEED-ME-NOW followed by I-ATE-TWO-OUNCES-NOW-I-WILL-SLEEP. 
so the rest of the feed continued slowly...but they each got in about 3.5 ounces...not great but I'll take it.
I put Sawyer up on my shoulder to burp and this gigantic-500-pound-man-sized burp comes out followed by a GALLON of formula/saliva spewing all over her and the couch, and down my shirt, pants, underwear, etc


I sprint us to the kitchen in attempt to avoid leaving even more vomit all over the house. 
Strip us both in the kitchen (sorry neighbors!) and grab a few hundred wipes to half-ass clean us both up.

Meanwhile, Peyton is left on the boppy to fend for herself which pisses her off to no end and I am pretty sure I heard her scream at me, "WTF MOM  - WHERE'S MY BOTT???"

New diaper and onesie in place and we sprint back to the living room. 

Of course I am still naked as there is no time to run upstairs and grab some clothes for myself. 

We continue the feed and my only focus was now for NAP TIME. OH GLORIOUS NAP TIME. Both girls are milk drunk so we make our way upstairs (still naked) and I get both girls swaddled in their cribs....they lay down and start snoozing. 

I figured I have an hour-ish to finish the laundry, pack up some stuff for the weekend, and hopefully eat something.
oh, and get some clothes on. 

I grab the laundry out of the dryer and head upstairs to fold it and as soon as I get to the second floor..the screaming commences. First Peyton....then Sawyer...I go in and soothe them both without picking them up in hopes that they learn to self soothe.

They both drift off to sleep. 

I run downstairs - make a quick grilled back up to fold laundry and within minutes, screaming again. 

Peyton started it which woke Sawyer so both of them then were in full blown 'I'm having a shit fit mode'  I gave them 10 minutes of screaming before going in. Took Peyton out of the room and laid her in the middle of my bed....Sawyer quickly drifted off to sleep. 

Peyton starts to fade....I pick up my grilled cheese and the screaming starts again. 

Listen ladies, I know I need to get in shape but Mommy HAS to eat. 

Peyton starts...then Sawyer. I give up and we head back downstairs to nap in the swings. They love their swings..I figured this would be the solution....WRONG.

Both screaming. Only content when being held. 

I grab my Moby wrap and throw gently place Peyton in it who starts then nursing through my bra. God damn girl...give me TWO minutes here to get situated. I get her hooked up and pick up Sawyer to rock her.

One babe in the Moby nursing...the other being held...and mind you - I AM STILL NAKED (other than a bra) 

THANK GOD the mailman came earlier in the day or he may have been scarred for life. 

Niether babe ever slept....unless they were on me but since their are TWO of them and only one of me...and seeing as how they still don't have full control of their arms/hands/legs which are always flailing about...two almost 10 pound babes laying on me means that they are kicking and knocking binks out of each others mouths pretty much every 3-5 seconds so this was another FAIL of the day. 

My poor grilled cheese was 2 hours old by the time I ate it. 

Still was delic. 

I feed them again (thankfully I am clothed this time) and put them both in the swings and they drift off to sleep.

Erin comes home to a frazzled wife who has yet to shower, brush her teeth, or talk to another adult yet today. 
Of course now all seems calm and she is left to wonder wtf is the big deal as both of her lil angels are snoozin away and not making a peep.

Well played ladies...Keep that wool pulled over Mama's eyes....Mommy knows you're devising your next move.

Oh - forgot to mention....Sawyer pooped 3 times today...and Peyton 2 I am sure there is dried poop on me somewhere.

What a day :) 

Time for some adult beverages....and to my dear twins, if you're planning to pull some crazy shit tonight, do it between now and before I get home at 10pm...Mama needs to be put to the test ;)

Friday, October 18, 2013


In typing the subject line of this post, I never felt so Caucasian.

And as I google and try to find out who sings the song I was thinking of and then attempting to count how many times they say SHOTS and subsequently trying to spell ERE-BODY? - AIR-E-BUDDY? - yea, I'm too white (and old) to be quoting this song.

Oh and watching the music video of the song - I thought to myself a few times, "good god - what are they wearing?" and "is that how people really party these days??" however, it did make me crave a shot of Patron so maybe I am not THAT old after all. Scratch that..a shot would send me right to bed and prob leave me with a 2 day hangover.

Anywho, speaking of shots...

Shots have a new meaning to me now a days. 

Shots mean my lil nuggets get poked and then cry - then I cry - and Erin instead of crying gets the nervous giggles - then we all hug and head home for a nap. 

Today our girls had their 2 month check up and they are doing fantastic!!

Our little Soybean is not so little anymore as she has surpassed her sister in weight! 

Sawyer is checking in at 9 pounds 11 oz and Peyton at 9 pounds 10 oz.

I never thought I would be so happy to find out how much they weigh...such an amazing job lil mamas. I cannot believe that only a handful of weeks ago we had 4 and 5 pound look at you!!! Round lil bellies and thigh rolls!!

After height and weight checks and a visit with the PA, it was time for shots. 

We had some tears, screaming, and whimpering. 
but I was able to get ahold of myself pretty quickly. 

The girls were troopers...both had some screams and tears but once they were snuggled up back with us - they calmed right down.

My brave lil minions

I think the nurse thought I was a bit nuts because as soon as she took the last needle out of Peyton's leg, before she even put the bandaids on, I scooped her up to snuggle her. The nurse said I might get blood on me but that was the least of my lil nuggets was crying and needed me. 

Now when it was Sawyer's turn and Erin was standing with soon as that last needle was taken out, I was poking Erin in the back to scoop up Soybean which resulted in blood getting all over her onesie (Sawyer's - not Erin's) which caused the nurse to profusely apologize for the mess but I assured her that it was my fault and a little blood doesn't matter at all...heck most days I have dried spit up on my shirt (or even have my shirt on completely sdrawkcab without even noticing - and have company come over who thankfully didn't notice either...Thank you, Aunt Tatie)

I almost had to drop the F bomb in order to get their 4 month appointment scheduled - more on that later...

Thanks for being so amazing my lil lovies...I love you so so much.

Tonight, we are heading to Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill...We all need some Butterbier and some fresh Autumn air to tire us all out. 

You two will understand the amazingness that is Harry Potter someday....Mama will probs force you to read the books...I have the movies for you instead ;)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I used to be organized. It was rare that I forgot anything. I used to be on top of bills, laundry, cleaning, keeping in touch with everyone, pup grooming - you name it, I had it covered.

Now-a-days, things are different. 

It is a daily occurrence that I am losing my car keys, times forgetting a bra or to brush my teeth until 2pm. I cannot even tell you how many times I have gone upstairs and forgotten completely what I was up there to do and came back downstairs empty handed - and usually it takes a day or two to realize what I forgot to do. It is rare that Erin gets a home cooked meal unless it comes out of the crock pot. My car needs to be washed so bad...the pup is in need of a haircut and I am not sure where any of my clothes are outside of yoga pants. 

BUT my two minions are clean and nothing else even matters.  

This Mommy gig is quite amazing :)

A good morning from my Peyton Pie

This face...<3

oh my Sawyer Bean...perfection

a little smile in there my lil Soybean

Best friends already...unless one of you is screaming and the other wants to sleep then all bets are off and usually it results in both of you screaming....and Mommy too.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our fav time of the day

While its not as exciting as the moment of the day when Mama walks in from work (which mean I get a few minutes to myself to pee and hopefully cook dinner) - bath time is one of our fav times of the day. 

These lovies would stay in the tub for an hour if I let them - and if their twin sister was not screaming from the bouncy seat nearby impatiently waiting her turn in the tub. 

Once these girls can be in the real bathtub, we WILL be spending hours in there each week. It's a fun time of playing for the girls AND it wears them out which means Mommy gets her fun time of playing too aka sleeping.

These lovies kick their legs and splash and LOVE when Mommy gives them a massage with lotion after each bath. 

Bathtime photobomb :)

My lil Peyton Pie 

and my Sawyer Bean

and one good thing for Mommy is that bath time wears you out and after a nice bath and a warm bott - you usually sleep for an hour which means Mommy gets time to watch Teem Mom and Facebook stalk wash botts and do laundry.

Today we are taking you to your first Outfest in the Gayborhood - gay boys, transvestites, and a whole lotta drunk people - oh my! 

Should be a great day - pics to follow!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2 months!

My baby girls, 

You are TWO MONTHS old! 

You are getting so big, so strong, so entertaining, and so beyond amazing.

Sawyer...You are my bright eyed little lovie. I spend time daily ooo'ing and aww'ing over you and you smile back at me all the time. You have some chubby thighs on you!!! Your favorite time of day is anytime that Mommy or Mama is holding you and snuggling you. You are still my rock star lil eater and now you know that when I put your bib on, that your bott is coming! You can kick your legs faster than I ever thought possible! You HATE HATE when I take out your bott to burp you and scream until it is back in your lil mouth. You have had a few cranky days in the past week but I think it is just gas....or you are sick of hearing your sister screaming so you decided to join the party. I have been eating more fruit so you are a pooping machine. I love healthy babies that eat lots and poop! You did manage two HUGE poops over the past week and poop was all the way up in your arm pits and both you and I were covered in poop! You were wearing an adorable onesie from your cousin Julia and if it was not special - I would have cut it off of you!   You are still LOVING bath time...I cannot wait until you are bigger and I can put you in the big bath tub so you can frolic and splash around for hours! You make everyday amazing. I love love love you my lil sugar bean so much.

Peyton...My sugar love...You are my lil lovie love. You smile at me and get these twinkly eyes on and stare at me all the time. I love how awake you are! You love snuggling and are my little koala bear. We are still working on mastering the bottle but each time, you are getting better - if you want to. You are a determined little girl who knows what she wants. You LOVE laying on your aquarium mat and have spent hours staring at all the toys and I know you are just waiting for the day that you can grab them all down! You have been sleeping in your crib every night - we lay you down and your arms immediately go over your head and you doze right off. Oh and we put socks on your hands so you don't get too cold and oh how cute you are when we wake you up and you stretch rub your face with your socks over your hands!! When other people try and get you to smile, you give them your serious look and make them do silly things in hopes of getting at least a smirk out of you. When I walk around the room, your eyes follow me as if wondering when I am coming back to pick you up. Oh...I got some amazing water proof bibs so I am not changing your outfit after every feeding - oh happy day for Mommy! I love love love you my lil Peyton pie more than I can say.

Here's our lil ladies at 2 months!

Peyton, you were NOT loving this photoshoot. You screamed the whole time. I am beginning to think you really reallllly HATE headbands. We are going to have to work on this lil mama. (and I WILL win this battle ;) 

Sawyer, you snoozed the entire time - which is surprising for you as it was very close to feeding time and you usually are the one who reminds us (by grunting, leg kicking, then screaming) every 4 hours that its feeding time. 

I really cannot believe you are 2 months old. You are and will always be, my most wonderful creations ever.

I love you my little babies.  

Monday, October 7, 2013

Busy busy busy

I can't believe I have not blogged in 2 weeks. Life is flyyying by. 
At other times in my life, I have felt like the days were flying by - when I would be going from work, to a happy hour that lasted until midnight and then repeat it all again the next day. Or busy going from work to grad school to home where I would have to walk to dog and prep for the next day. 

Well, that WAS busy. 

Now (just like being tired) I AM BUSY!

Busy with my minions. Kissing them. Loving them. Washing botts. Laundry. Changing diapers. Wiping up spit up. Speaking of spit up...look at my lil Soybean smiling..and spitting... 

Now that is adorable..and messy.

Pretty much - I have the most amazing job that I have ever had and I am SO lucky to be spending my days taking care of my lil ladies. 

Somedays we say goodbye to Erin and she heads off to work and before I know it, she is walking back in the door...where the hell did those 9 hours go? Sometimes I wonder if I even sat down or peed at all that day. 

The girls are having more awake time everyday which is a great time for me...and not a good thing for the cleanliness of my home or the number of botts that need to be washed.

Surprisingly, I have made a few dinners. It felt so good to cook has been months. It is especially amazing to cook with four little eyes watching me from their bouncy seats. Scratch that - make it 6 eyes as when in the kitchen, Tyson is never far from my feet making sure to eat every crumb that falls.

I am SO beyond psyched that FALL is finally here. I am so effin sick of being sweaty, mosquitos, and air conditioning. 

I am in love with the bright sunshine paired with cool breezes, pumpkins and gourds that are covering my mantle, and particularly with taking long Fall walks with my baby girls and the sound of the leaves crunching as we pass over them with the stroller. 

and lucky for is not that cold out yet so yoga pants are still totally acceptable to be worn everyday.