Thursday, November 20, 2014



I seriously want to bottle up each second with you. You have morphed into these two amazing creatures who amaze me over and over everyday. 

Every little thing that you do makes me swoon.

Peyton - you hear Tyson barking and immediately erupt into this little 'arf arf arf' that melts my heart.
You love hiding things and pretending they are lost and then you are so proud of yourself when you find it. You have been hating wearing socks and will twist your body all around to pull them off. 

Sawyer - you look at me from across the room and smile so hard that it looks like your face may break.
You also LOVE cleaning. You will purposefully spill your bottle just so that I will give you a wipe to clean it up. 

You both are so smart and creative. You have spent hours pushing your shopping carts around the house and loading them up with everything within reach. You are so mischievous and LOVE finding new ways to cause trouble...recently, you have taken to climbing into the tub on your own and playing in there. It is amazing to hear little baby giggles coming from behind the curtain.

I would love to keep going on and on but both of you just woke up from your nap within seconds of each other so I'm off to get some snuggles from my 2 fav girls ;)

Monday, October 27, 2014


The title of this blog could be used to describe just about every second of my life right now..however, today we actually went to the real zoo with animals and soft pretzels and had a fab time!

My young nuggets, I must remind you as you probably forget - this is your 2nd trip to the zoo...we took you back in May when you were a mere 9 months old and it was the trip from HELL. You both screamed...yelled...and were absolutely miserable. I blame it on a combo of teething and just overall 9-month-old-split-personalities BUT mama and I put on our big girls panties and decided to once again take on West Philadelphia and hope that your screams would be drowned out by the gun shots and gang fights on the adjacent blocks (just kidding)

So off we went! and it was a great day. and of course for two 14 month olds, your attention span is about 14.3 seconds so saying we spent a day at the zoo pretty much means we spent 2.5 hours at the zoo. and those 2.5 hours were amazing. You ran around and had snacks in the stroller followed up by a delic 4 course lunch at the picnic tables that Mama bought you as she is well aware that what you liked yesterday - you will hate today so she played it smart and just got 1 of every damn thing on the menu ($56 lunch for a successful zoo trip? well worth it)

Only a few traumatic experinces - Peyton, you got head butted by a goat which scared you for a few seconds. and while eating lunch, some geese were literally inches away from us eyeing up your french fries...Mama chased them away for us. Sawyer you were pissed that she would chase them away -I am pretty sure you wanted to bring one home with you. One goose did manage to pull a platter off of the table and mustard went EVERYWHERE. Once again Mama cleaned it up as we laughed and laughed and then ran as the geese were closing on on us. 

I do have to say that this age is my favorite by far. You love to explore and learn new things everyday. It is amazing to watch you learn and grow. However, when I see someone with a newborn baby all snuggly in a moby wrap, I do miss your newborn days...I think I'll always miss those days even though they were the hardest days (months) of my life. 

We were washing our hands at the zoo after leaving the petting zoo and a mom came up next to me who had 2 year old twins ... we chatted briefly about the happenings of twins and she said to me, "It is the most difficult job ever and only we can understand how hard and amazing it is." I wanted to hug her. Couldn't have said it better myself...We exchanged a compassionate, respectful look and then her daughter slapper her ass with her wet hand and Peyton - you attempted a full body double-toe-loop jump out of my arms because you saw your water bott sitting in the stroller. So quickly this lady and I were pulled back into our reality with twins and we gave a wave and went on our way. 

We have had some amazing days the past few weeks...a few of your friend's moms and I have created an awesome playgroup in our town and you are making friends left and right....We have an awesome new play space that I am sure you will love. Sawyer, you pretty much love everyone. You love watching what the other kids are doing and then slowly making your way in. Unless it is a toy you really want, then you storm in and take it for your own. Peyton, you also love everyone. You tend to be a bit more grabby with toys and if someone has something that you want - and at times, its not even something you want, it is just something you do not want them to have - you will not hesitate to go take it for your own. 

Just like I say to you every night my babes - You are my life and my love. and I still fall more in love with you everyday. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

13 months...almost 14 months

So, now that my babes are 13....almost 14 months, do you think it's possible that I can blog again? I freakin hope so  

I miss my outlet of my blog. These days my outlet is showering or going for a walk as the girls are contained in the stroller. 

I'll be back soon - maybe tomorrow. Maybe in a month. Maybe in 3 years. 

Until then I'll spend my days chasing after, wiping the poop from, picking the dried food pieces off of my nuggets aka I'll spend my days being the luckiest mommy in the world :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What we do.....

We drink out of straws... 

We go on the swings in the sunshine 3 times a day....

We play LOTS....

We go on walks... 

We cry sometimes... 

We sleep sometimes... 

Basically - we are two cool ass chicks who kick ass at having a good time and are loving life!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I suck

I realllly suck at blogging. I will get back to this day...VERY soon. 

I have been working with Peyton on learning to type so shortly, I will just dictate and she will type away. So far she has broken my left shift key and drooled all over the mouse..but I think we are moving in the right direction.

All has been here in the O'Donnell house. The nugs are EIGHT MONTHS OLD!  

I know I am jinxing shit here but I have been getting at least one minute a day to sit and breathe. Usually it ends abruptly by the dog barking or a baby screaming but nonetheless - one minute is one minute.

It only took me 3 weeks to watch one episode of Teen Mom. (don't judge me - I know you watch it too)

Anywho...I'll be back soon but for now..I am relocating all my serving platters to a bakers rack in my basement since today my little Sawyer learned how to open the buffet. Imagine my surprise when I glanced over and saw her holding a glass Tullamore Dew cheese board. 

I swore I wouldn't be the type of person that would baby proof her house....well I lied. If it makes my life easier, it's getting done. 
and now my wine rack is alllll the way down the basement...makes it a chore to pour myself a glass of wine. (jk...we all know I don't pour my own wine...thanks Erin!) 

Back to baby proofing! Be back soon

Monday, March 17, 2014

One month!

OMG I haven't blogged in a month. I am so lazy busy. Busier than I have ever been in my whole life!

a quick recap - 

Can't freakin believe I survived SEVEN months of twins. They are super cute these days and 7 months defintely has been my favorite age so far. I'm sure I'll say the same about 8 months, 9 months, etc etc. 

Anywho....Girls, you are freakin adorable.

You smile all day long. You play ALL day long. Peyton, you are army crawling all over the place. It is amazing and scary as anytime I leave your sight, off you go to track me down. and oh you YELL until you can see me again. I don't mind one bit. 
Sawyer you are SO close to crawling. You are up on all fours rocking nonstop. So far you have crawled backwards but have yet to go forward. But you do spin in circles and roll all over the place to get where you need to go. Soon enough I'll have both of you following me around.
I guess I better start cleaning the floor, huh? 

You two still hate your bott but thanks to baby einstein on youtube, I get you to choke down a few ounces...and I have heard it all that babies shouldn't watch tv etc ...well I don't effin care...I need you to eat..this gets you to be it. Mommy is in survival mode! I apologize if when you are older you are addicted to tv due to my exposing you to it at such a young age but you'll get over it...and be the smartest little nuggets out there :)

You both used to LOVE you pretty much hate everything but squash, green beans, and peas. 
Today I managed to sneak in some prunes with your squash and you did not seem to mind or notice.  and oh you look damn cute when you eat and play with your spoons. and surprisingly, even when you don't eat you still look super cute and manage to laugh at me while I do anything I can to get you to open those little mouths. 

You both LOVE music class that we go to every week. Sawyer, you sing the WHOLE time. You're amazing. Peyton you watch every other kid in that close so closely and I know you are dying to play with everyone. Soon enough lil nug. 

You both are doing a great job at learning to sit up on your own. I surround you with stuffed animals so when you tip over you don't get hurt. We have had a few head whacks but nothing major. 

Sawyer love, you still love your bink and your grab that thing whenever you see it and put it in your perfect little mouth. You have been sleeping every night from 930pm until 630am..I cannot even tell you how much Mommy appreciates the sleep. Now my Peyton little stink have been up every night for hours...You're not hungry or hurting..I really think you just miss me because as soon as I snuggle in with you, you go right back to sleep. We have had some sleepless nights but it's all worth it once I see that little perfect smile that you give me anytime I walk near you. 

We have been trying puffs everyday but I am convinced that you think I am trying to kill you. Most times, the tasting of a puff results in a projectile vomit, but we will get it down soon enough.

Now, I know there are a ton of other updates that I have to give but I am going to be selfish and since I have both girls napping at the same time, I have about 4 minutes until someone wakes up yelling so I'm off to inhale some food and fold the laundry. 

be back soon...within 2 months..I promise.

Monday, February 17, 2014


This may be the only time in life where butt crack is acceptable - and so freakin cute.  Nice buns, Sawyer love!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I never thought....

I never thought that I would care so little about what is going on in the outside world. I have not read TMZ in 6 months....or People....Erin did get me an US Weekly the other day after a tough day with the girls to give my brain a break...It is still sitting on my bedside table..unread.

I never thought I would clean up a spot of spit-up with a baby wipe and never again think of that spot again. This includes the dog. Peyton projectile vomited on Tyson...and a baby wipe fixed everything.

I never thought I wouldn't mind doing 2 loads of laundry a day. Someday, I am going to miss folding those little leggins. 

I never thought I would care so little about my appearance. Make a smartass comment about how my hair is a mess or that I have dried spit up on my shoulder and I'll make a smartass comment right back about how I chose to snuggle with my babies for 5 extra minutes today instead of shower.

I never thought I would have constant lower back pain from leaning over the sink everyday to wash bottles.    and I don't even mind doing it...

I never thought I wouldn't mind not sleeping through the night. Ever. 

I never thought I would look SO forward to 9pm - last bott then bed for the nuggets.

I never thought that by the time I am going to bed 10:30/11pm, that I would miss those nuggets and have to fight the urge to pull them into bed with me.

I never thought I would get such a kick out of the looks on strangers faces when they ask what my husband does and I tell them my WIFE is a Finance Manager. (I can hear the wheels spinning...wife..okay, gay...with twins? Now how does that work??)

I never thought there would be dust bunnies lining my staircase...occasionally, I grab a baby wipe and clean them up...98% of the time I am carrying two babes who are kissing and licking my face and I do not even notice the dust.

I never thought that I wouldn't mind sleeping with no blankets or pillows and freezing my ass off just to give my nuggets a full nights sleep.

I never thought that being a stay at home mom would be so effin hard.

I never thought that being a stay at home mom would be so amazingly rewarding.

I never thought that I would miss cooking. But making baby food is cooking enough for now...and all that I have time for.

I never thought that I would look forward to nap time - when the girls actually sleep - so much. 

I never thought that I would wear a necklace made just for my nuggets to chew and bite on. 

I never thought I would be so proud of myself when other Mom's ask me how the hell do I do this without a nanny.

I never thought that I would hold up my iPhone with Baby Einstein playing praying that this distraction would force my daughter to drink just one more ounce.

I never thought I would miss being pregnant so much.

I never thought that Erin blowing a fuse while hanging our Christmas lights would cause such panic as Peyton's swing was plugged into the circuit that blew causing it to stop swinging. So, as I am swinging her by hand and whispering/screaming to Erin that IF-THIS-BABY-WAKES-UP-I-WILL-EFFIN-KILL-YOU.

I never thought I would not mind changing 15 diapers a day - everyday.

I never thought that at 6pm I would put my nuggets in bouncy seats in front of the T.V. to watch Family Guy (a show that I detest, but the colors keep their attention) for 2 minutes so I could pee for the first time since 7am.

I never thought that I would be so excited to never wear a bikini ever again.

I never thought that I would not miss going out and drinking. Not one bit.

I never, ever thought that I would be this lucky.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jean Butts

Baby jean butts may be the cutest thing I have ever seen. As my minions are in my bed napping, I am sitting here resisting the urge to nibble these buns!!!! 

But I'd have to kick my own ass if I woke up these sleeping babes who are sleeping AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!  

Oh what a wonderful day!!

Coordinating Cuties

In light of having more free time my body and brain getting used to much less sleep, I have more time to pick out amazing outfits for my minions. and oh how effin cute they are.

AND OH WHAT AN EFFIN PAIN PANTS ARE! You tug and tug and then have all this fabric around the ankle and the crotch is at the knees but you pulled the waist all the way up so now they look like they are wearing Hammer pants ... so by the time you get that babe situated - she usually spits up or poops so you just need to start over again....BUT they do look cute :)

Our staple is still one piece sleepers WITH feet because WTF is up with baby socks?? NONE OF THEM STAY ON!!! I have tried them all - Old Navy, Baby Gap, Trumpette, Ciroc...NOTHING STAYS ON! Granted, I have Peyton with long feet but skinny, skinny legs and she can pretty much shimmy herself out of anything and then I have Sawyer with a little chunk at the ankles but shorter feet so no socks fit correctly. Luckily, back in June (pre-babes when I still did things like plan ahead, shower, and eat) I ordered the girls Momos aka the most amazing little leather shoe ever that are tough for the babes to take off and they keep their socks on - AMAZING!!! 

So we are rockin the Momos daily and some pretty amazing lil outfits :)

Ruffle Bottom Pants Monday

Colorful Shirt Tuesday

White Shirt Wednesday

Track Suit Thursday

Warning about the next may break your heart and cause you to tear up. My little Pie got a little sad during our photo sesh

Fleece Pants Friday

and Polka Dot Saturday

Only one pic of Polka Dot Saturday as soon after the pic, Peyton pooped up to her armpits. 

Never a dull moment in the O'Donnell household!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I knew this would happen....and Christmas...and 5 months

Even since the babes were born and I lost all sense of time, organization, and any sense of a "schedule" - I apparently now suck at blogging. I still have my zest to blog but unfortunately I also have 2 bosses (maybe 3 including Erin - probs more like 4 including Tyson) who are very demanding these days. So here I am,  scrambling to get together a blog that covers everything over the past month...your first Christmas!!! and YOU TURNED 5 MONTHS OLD!!!!

You are quite amazing these days my little ladies...You talk play all day long...and when you scream - WATCH OUT because you both can scream loud enough that Tyson goes and hides outside. Luckily, the screaming is short lived and usually within minutes, you're back to your smiling happy selves again.

You both are getting so strong and so BIG! Sawyer, you roll and flop all around the room!   Peyton, you can roll over but you're so laid back that you usually stay put wherever I put you - lucky me! 

We had a few snow storms the past few weeks so we have not been going out as much as we wanted to but we still are having great days at home snuggling..and what good snugglers you both are!

and having more at home gives me more opportunities to take embarrassing pictures of you....

In general just annoy the heck out of you everyday by taking pics nonstop....

I have been focusing on putting my iPhone down more so you don't grow up thinking that I look at it more than you ... and then you do something so unbelievably cute that I don't want to forget - so there I am shoving that iPhone in your face yet again. 

We have had lots of trips to the doc this past month..nothing too serious...colds, and maybe some allergy issues...

You both always keep on smiling!!! You pediatrician just loves you both and wants to eat you up - I can't blame her - You're delicious!!!!

Speaking of both started eating oatmeal, fruits, and veggies this past week. I am convinced that you think that I am trying to poison you as you gag and glare at me with evil eyes...Peyton you are getting the hang of it...Sawyer, you still think I am trying to put hot peppers in your mouth.

and oh how cute you both are all bundled up for winter...

granted now it takes us an hour to get out the door as opposed to the 40 minutes it used to take us as by the time I wrestle one of you into boots, hat, and gloves...and move on to the next babe...the first one has some how kicked a boot across the room that now Tyson is using as a chew toy and it takes me 5 minutes to wrestle that boot away from him and in that 5 minutes one of you has spit up and gotten both socks off....its quite a show. You're keeping me on my toes! 

This coming week we have yoga and baby massage class that I know you are SO psyched both have been practicing your stretches...

and just because I can't resist...Peyton.....

and that face is the reason why I eat you up!

Oh your first Christmas...AMAZING!! You two were spoiled by everyone that loves you so so much...and Mommy had a great time opening up ALL those gifts.

Teethers, adorable outfits, Minnie and Mickey stuffed animals, and seeing as how I am weeks late on this blog and my memory span is typically 4.5 seconds..I have forgotten most of your gifts..but nonetheless...I do remember that your first Christmas was amazing (and by amazing I mean stressful as all hell for Mommy but WELL worth it :)

You both LOVED eating wrapping paper...

Sawyer love - that pic of you and mama is one of my favorites both are so amazing! and right after that pic was taken you drank a full 6 oz bott without ANY have never done that before...and have not done it since...WTF.

Today marks your 5 MONTH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!  holy're 5 months old which means:

2) I should be in MUCH better shape that I am for having 5 month old babes.

3) I didn't think I could love anyone so much and I can't even imagine how much more I am going to love you in another 5 months...I may explode.

Sawyer - your personality is similar to mine. You know what you want when you want it and if you don't get it - WATCH OUT. Anytime you see me or Mama - you automatically smile - and not just your face..your whole body is amazing! I kiss you all day long and you LOVE it. You kiss me right back and wrap those little hands around my face...AMAZING!!!! I love you more every second.

Peyton - your personality is much more like Mama's - laid back and generally happy (Mama made me say that - jk ;)
You are my smiling happy girl and you are so easy to please. I cannot thank you enough for that as some days Mommy feels like she may lose her shit if she hears another screaming babe!
You're amazing! You love being snuggled and you LOVE when I nibble your cheeks. I love you so so much.

I have so much more to write before I forget it all ... even though most of it is probably already gone but my bosses are calling me .... Happy 5 months my lil lovies...You amaze me everyday.