Monday, October 27, 2014


The title of this blog could be used to describe just about every second of my life right now..however, today we actually went to the real zoo with animals and soft pretzels and had a fab time!

My young nuggets, I must remind you as you probably forget - this is your 2nd trip to the zoo...we took you back in May when you were a mere 9 months old and it was the trip from HELL. You both screamed...yelled...and were absolutely miserable. I blame it on a combo of teething and just overall 9-month-old-split-personalities BUT mama and I put on our big girls panties and decided to once again take on West Philadelphia and hope that your screams would be drowned out by the gun shots and gang fights on the adjacent blocks (just kidding)

So off we went! and it was a great day. and of course for two 14 month olds, your attention span is about 14.3 seconds so saying we spent a day at the zoo pretty much means we spent 2.5 hours at the zoo. and those 2.5 hours were amazing. You ran around and had snacks in the stroller followed up by a delic 4 course lunch at the picnic tables that Mama bought you as she is well aware that what you liked yesterday - you will hate today so she played it smart and just got 1 of every damn thing on the menu ($56 lunch for a successful zoo trip? well worth it)

Only a few traumatic experinces - Peyton, you got head butted by a goat which scared you for a few seconds. and while eating lunch, some geese were literally inches away from us eyeing up your french fries...Mama chased them away for us. Sawyer you were pissed that she would chase them away -I am pretty sure you wanted to bring one home with you. One goose did manage to pull a platter off of the table and mustard went EVERYWHERE. Once again Mama cleaned it up as we laughed and laughed and then ran as the geese were closing on on us. 

I do have to say that this age is my favorite by far. You love to explore and learn new things everyday. It is amazing to watch you learn and grow. However, when I see someone with a newborn baby all snuggly in a moby wrap, I do miss your newborn days...I think I'll always miss those days even though they were the hardest days (months) of my life. 

We were washing our hands at the zoo after leaving the petting zoo and a mom came up next to me who had 2 year old twins ... we chatted briefly about the happenings of twins and she said to me, "It is the most difficult job ever and only we can understand how hard and amazing it is." I wanted to hug her. Couldn't have said it better myself...We exchanged a compassionate, respectful look and then her daughter slapper her ass with her wet hand and Peyton - you attempted a full body double-toe-loop jump out of my arms because you saw your water bott sitting in the stroller. So quickly this lady and I were pulled back into our reality with twins and we gave a wave and went on our way. 

We have had some amazing days the past few weeks...a few of your friend's moms and I have created an awesome playgroup in our town and you are making friends left and right....We have an awesome new play space that I am sure you will love. Sawyer, you pretty much love everyone. You love watching what the other kids are doing and then slowly making your way in. Unless it is a toy you really want, then you storm in and take it for your own. Peyton, you also love everyone. You tend to be a bit more grabby with toys and if someone has something that you want - and at times, its not even something you want, it is just something you do not want them to have - you will not hesitate to go take it for your own. 

Just like I say to you every night my babes - You are my life and my love. and I still fall more in love with you everyday. 

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