Thursday, November 20, 2014



I seriously want to bottle up each second with you. You have morphed into these two amazing creatures who amaze me over and over everyday. 

Every little thing that you do makes me swoon.

Peyton - you hear Tyson barking and immediately erupt into this little 'arf arf arf' that melts my heart.
You love hiding things and pretending they are lost and then you are so proud of yourself when you find it. You have been hating wearing socks and will twist your body all around to pull them off. 

Sawyer - you look at me from across the room and smile so hard that it looks like your face may break.
You also LOVE cleaning. You will purposefully spill your bottle just so that I will give you a wipe to clean it up. 

You both are so smart and creative. You have spent hours pushing your shopping carts around the house and loading them up with everything within reach. You are so mischievous and LOVE finding new ways to cause trouble...recently, you have taken to climbing into the tub on your own and playing in there. It is amazing to hear little baby giggles coming from behind the curtain.

I would love to keep going on and on but both of you just woke up from your nap within seconds of each other so I'm off to get some snuggles from my 2 fav girls ;)

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