Monday, December 16, 2013

4 Months!!!!

Peyton and Sawyer, 

My girls...You're 4 months old!!!! Can you believe it?! You have grown up so much. 

You are both about 12 pounds now and doing amazing at holding your head up and kicking your legs nonstop. Peyton - your legs are still so skinny because they are constantly moving! Sawyer - you still have these chunky thighs that Mommy LOVES.

my Peyton lovie...

You are my happy, smiling, easy to please babe. If you are upset, you usually just need some snuggles or a bott. You have this beautiful smile that warms my heart. You love laying on your belly and holding your head up to look around the room. 

Just this week you have loved sleeping with your giraffe lovie that Aunt Mae Mae got you. You squeeze that giraffe and rub your face in it and almost instantly close your eyes and drift off to sleep. We then sneak in and take the lovie out of your crib once you are asleep. 

You still LOVE being soon as your diaper comes off you are all kicks and smiles. You love laying naked on your blanket just smiling and wiggling your perfect lil bod.

We have gotten some laughs out of you that are adorable!! You love when I blow raspberries on your belly and nibble your cheeks.

You really are so cute that I just want to squeeze you and hold you day in and out...You are beyond words amazing.

We have been to physical therapy to get your neck muscles checked up on and you may need to wear a helmet to help with the shape of your head as you favor always looking to the left. We are not sure yet if it will be needed but I know that you will keep on smiling no matter what is needed. and you look damn cute in PT...

I hate when someone else is touching and holding you and just want to scoop you up and snuggle you. 

You still love snuggling and sometimes when you are having a hard time taking a nap, you just need Mommy to snuggle you and all is right in your world again. 
Sometimes you wake up from your naps and your little bottom lip sticks out and you look like you are a little scared which breaks my heart! I try and get to snuggling you before any tears come out.

You are doing FANTASTIC with your hand-eye coordination. You will pick up any toy that we hold in front of you and LOVE chewing on your Sophie and teething rings. It wont be long before you are grabbing my iPhone out of my hand. 

You have been eating like a rock star the past few weeks. 5 ounces each feed at least...I am so proud of you as for the first 3 months of your life you HATED your bottle. You also have been loving your bink. 90% of the time you hold that bink in your mouth for your entire nap. 

You still are a night owl and rarely fall asleep before 12:30am BUT you are doing an amazing job at soothing yourself and you have spent an hour in your crib just kicking and playing with your hands before succumbing to sleep.

When you see me or Mama you smile and your whole bod does this excited little wiggle squirm that is ammmmazing.

I love you so much.

my Sawyer love...

My little Sawyer bean...You know what you want and when you want it and you are not afraid to let Mama and I know what to do.
As I am typing this you are supposed to be napping but instead you are grunting and groaning and gearing up to scream that will inevitably come within the next 4.5 seconds...

In the past week, we no longer can swaddle you as you have discovered how to roll! It is quite the accomplishment for such a young babe! We lay you in your crib on your back and you throw your legs up and tuck yourself right over on your side. You only wake up and yell for me when you roll onto your back and forget that you know how to roll back.

There are some days where in the early morning hours you just can't get settled back to sleep so I pull you into bed with me and you snuggle right in and let out your perfect baby sigh and we both drift back to sleep...I don't care if it's bad habit to have you in bed with me...I want you coming into my bed to snuggle every morning FOREVER!! 

You have not been eating great for the past week or so but hopefully soon that will change. You usually take about an hour to finish 4 ounces...slow and steady lil bean...I have tried a faster flow nip for you but that results in projectile vomit that usually comes out your nose so for now, slow and steady it is! 

Oh you still do love your bink...I think you started sleeping on your side because you know that the mattress will help hold bink in you mouth so even if you doze off - you wake up and bink is right there. Somedays, I think you only need me to put your bink in..I walk by you and your mouth opens up ready for me to put bink in. 

You have been smiling up a storm and giggle all the time. You LOVE your toys and spend at least 30 minutes everyday holding toys and examining them from every angle. Oh and you get VERY mad and yell when you cannot figure out how to get the toy in your little have a temper my lil Sawyer. But at the same are so so sweet. I will pick you up and you burrow your head into my chest and peek out at the world while keeping most of your face hidden so that you can see what all is going on but still know you are hidden and safe with Mommy.

You have been LOVING kicking your legs and dancing all day long. I think you have a little jig choreographed in your head and you dance for us everyday!

I think you want to eat food so much...anything I am eating you stare at me and your eyes are asking me for a bite...soon lil lovie!!!

You LOVE when I talk silly to you and you get a HUGE smile plastered across your face that stays there for hours sometimes! 

You have been loving looking at our Christmas tree and both you (and Peyton) have taken an interest in Tyson the past few weeks. You watch him as he walks around you and you scrunch up your face when he leans in to lick you.

When you are on your playmat, you spend your time rolling back and forth..I think you are pretty damn impressed at your skills- as you should be. Peyton and I just sit there and watch you. She yells and I cheer for you nonstop. You smile the whole time!!! I have tried to get you on video probably 70 times but anytime my phone comes out, you freeze and just stare at me. I am sure that will be the case for years to come! 

You are looking so damn cute in every outfit I put you in ESP when I pull your socks up to your knees to keep you warm...oh those thighs!! I'd nibble them nonstop if I could and you would totally let me because as soon as I lean in to you, you start giggling. 

I love you so much

These 4 months definitely have been a rollercoaster for all of us! Learning to manage newborn twins is NOT an easy many variables...SO much many tears...not much sleep....lots of boogies and spit up...and I am not sure if I have worn anything in the past 4 months except yoga pants and tank tops?? (not complaining...I am damn comfy and I have cut out the need to "change" into pjs before bed because all my outfits double as pjs and day attire..or at least I say they do)
I do have to say that selfishly, this parenting gig is getting MUCH better as now when you see me you smile and ooohhh and ahhh at me. It is so nice to have you know who I am and your little faces light up when I sing or talk to you. There have been a few times where you both have cried when I left the room - so naturally, I run back in and scoop you up. You OWN me already ladies...keep it up :) There is no where I would rather be then with you!! 

I can't wait to see what else you have in store for me this next month...We have LOTS to do and we have LOTS of amazing outfits that you are going to look ammmmazing in :) 

Mommy loves you too much! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


A staple necessity of surviving twins is caffeine. and lots of it. 

Unfortunately, I am a coffee snob and detest any made-at-home-coffee so DD and Starbucks are frequented daily by the girls and I. They LOVE going for a little car ride and getting Mommy some much needed caffeine. 

One day last week you two were snoozing in the car on our way home from visiting Aunt Lizzy and I was yawning a bit too much so I knew caffeine would be needed to get me through the next 6 hours until Mama was home from work. So off we went to the DD drive-thru.

I order a small iced latte...typically I go for a medium but decided on a small today. I get to the pick up window and she tells me it is $4.35....first off, DD comes in second place to Starbucks in my book BUT DD has a drive-thru and Starbucks only has street parking and no drive-thru so 9 times out of 10, DD is the place to go (and Mama appreciates this as DD is significantly cheaper than the bucks)

So $4.35 for a small DD latte? 
For that much I'll head to Bucks for a grande carmel brulee latte. 

I ask the cashier how come it is so much as I usually get a medium iced latte and it is only $2.11. She says that mediums are on sale so thats why it's cheaper. So I said oh well then I'll take a medium. 

She said no its okay...I'll give you a dollar. (which still would make it $3.35)

I said no thanks - I'll just take a medium. She says no. Here is a dollar. I said no. 

After a back and forth of 'here is a dollar' 'I do not want your dollar I want a medium' 'no take a dollar' 'no thank you - I would like the medium for $2.11' 'no here is a dollar' 'I DO NOT WANT YOUR DOLLAR!! I want a bigger coffee for $2!' 'no here is a dollar' 'okay how about you just give me the small but charge me for a medium but you do not have to make me a medium just give me the small but charge me the $2' 'no - here is one dollar' and then her just staring at me as if I was speaking a different language, I ended up pulling away from the drive-thru with no coffee and quite baffled and still yawning. 

So thanks for nothing DD...I would love to say you lost me as a customer but we both know I'll be back tomorrow for a MEDIUM latte as these nuggets wear me out. 

Catch up

I LOVE blogging daily....everyday when something humorous/frustrating/poop-related happens, I always think that I have to blog about this!
But then something else happens and I forget about blogging and go about my day of poop/diapers/tears/milk/botts/snuggles. 

Anywho, we have been BUSY!!!   The nuggets are FOUR MONTHS OLD!!!

I think we deserve a medal .... and a nap.

This parenting gig is no easy feat and I have a HUGE respect for all the other Moms out there - esp the Moms of Multiples....holy hell this is EXHAUSTING. but so freakin worth it.

Our lil nugs are doing amazing...growing and doing new stuff everyday! 

Remember back when Sawyer was our quiet little babe who rarely cried? and remember when Peyton was our high maintenance lil mama who required 100% of our attention 100% of the time??
Oh how times have changed...

Peyton is now our low maintenance, constantly smiling, never fussing, lil babe

and our lil Sawyer is our whiny, crying, demanding lil nug who found her voice and is not afraid to use it. 

I give these girls MAJOR props on taking turns on being the tough one and I am pretty sure having 1 easy babe at a time is what is keeping Mommy sane. I am sure your roles will switch again soon but I'm ready...I have plenty of patience and Pinot Noir to get me through. 

We have celebrated your first Thanksgiving

as well as your 4 month birthday!!   Blog to come about you being so grown up and checking in at the 4 month mark.

Today I have a cold so I am keeping my distance and not smuggling and kissing you as much as I usually do. You probably are enjoying the breathing room. I'll be back too smothering you soon.

Monday, November 25, 2013

My growing (and damn cute) girls :)

My perfect Peyton

And my lovie Sawyer

These girls are talking, giggling, blowing raspberries, and "singing"

And also right now they are starving and yelling at me - be back soon!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

15 weeks!

My lovies - you are 15 weeks old today and how freakin amazing you are!!!

You shocked the hell out of Mama and I by sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT two times this past weekend. 
Good job doing that on the nights where Mama gets up with you. Once I was back on over night duty you returned to your 3/4am wake ups. Way to keep me on my toes ladies.

Sawyer - you spend your days smiling, talking, and singing


Peyton - you spend your days smiling, grunting, and blowing raspberries. 

You amaze me everyday with how smart you are!! 

I can't wait to see what new tricks you will learn this week! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Need vs Want

So many times I think to myself that I NEED to get the dishes done.
But I WANT to keep making Sawyer smile.

Need vs Want is a common struggle on all levels of life but it has been particularly common when it comes to these babes.

I WANT to hold them 24/7 but I NEED them to be able to soothe themselves as I cannot hold them 24/7/365.

I NEED to get them some 6 month sleepers but I WANT to get them more leg warmers and headbands. 

I NEED to sleep when they sleep but I WANT to decorate for Christmas. 

This also is a struggle when shopping before the girls arrived. Some lessons I have learned. 

You do not NEED to buy the "cheaper" one to save money because it will bite you in the ass down the road and you'll end up buying the more expensive one anyway. 

Ergo carriers - $100 - BUY IT! You may not WANT to spend the money but you will NEED it. The less expensive ones won't work as well and then you are going to end up buying an Ergo anyway and then feeling guilty about not using the other ones...and you have to then store the other ones until your guilt subsides and you sell or donate them.

Moby wraps - $60 - You NEED at least one. Trust me.

Bouncy seats - you NEED one per kid on each floor of the house. Buy 5 just to be safe.

Blankets - you do not NEED 87 cute, fluffy receiving blankets even if you WANT them. But you do NEED gallons and gallons of Dreft. Spend your money on that instead.

Swings - you NEED one per baby. Yes they are huge and will take over your house. Well worth it for the 4 minutes of peace and quiet they give you.

Now, I WANT to keep writing about need vs want and our New-Mommy-Group we went to this morning but my Peyton pie NEEDS me :) 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Baby wearin'

One of my fav things to do is snuggle my minions. 

Sometimes I feel bad that since there are two of them and one of me - paired with housework and life - that I am not snuggling them enough. 

then I remember my Ergo and Moby wrap are nearby.

I don't know why I don't wear a baby 24/7...I should. It's amazing for me...and so good for them. 

At first, I had my reservations about the Moby. How the eff can I wrap a small, wobbly headed infant into this sheet and feel safe? 

The first time I attempted to use it...I felt like this guy..

(watch the whole thing...freakin hilarious)

But with the assistance of other Youtube vids...we got it figured out and it's ammmazing. Esp for my lil Peyton Pie who need some extra snuggling during the evening hours.

We are heading to an outdoor baby wearin' workout class in a few days which I am super psyched for it and so are the girls....Sawyer tooted as soon as I told her we were going...obvi she was so excited she couldn't even hold it in.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

3 MONTHS!!!!

Dear my Peyton and my Sawyer, 


(As you are getting older (and more wiggly) taking these pics is going to become more and more of a challenge. I think I enjoy the outtakes of you two wiggling and making funny faces more than the still smiling ones!)

I am more in love with you than I ever thought possible. 

Time is flying and you are becoming such amazing little girls....I do not think it is possible to explain just how wonderful you are. Somedays still feel surreal that you are here and that I get to keep you forever. Somedays I look at you and I tear up at how amazing you are.

You have had an exciting life so far. Just this past month, we went to Outfest with aunt Fitz and aunt Tatie and you both snoozed through your first gay festival. 

we celebrated your first Halloween...

and we took a trip up to the mountains with Uncle Timmy and Uncle Matty and you two were amazing. Mommy drank maybe 3 beers the whole weekend - you sure have changed our lives - in amazing ways.

You both are doing great at sleeping..typically going 4 hours between feedings and you have surprised me with a few 5-6 hour stretches. I am hoping that once we pack on a few more lbs that we can start seeing some 7 hour stretches but Mommy is going to take what she can get and love every second of sleep that you give me.

Early some mornings, I wake up before you do and I miss you! I want to come into your room and wake you up so I can snuggle you. Luckily, I have the stalker video monitor so I can peek in at you both and stare at the screen until you wake up.

You both are weighing in around 10 pounds. I bet that you, Sawyer, have at least 3 ounces on Peyton. My growing girls!!

You both LOVE are all smiles for about 30 minutes before we have our morning botts. We workout and do some leg exercises and talk about what we have planned for the day. 

We have spent our days talking LOTS of walks with Tyson in the crisp Fall air. You girls love your walks but you sure do HATE the 2 minutes between when I get you in the stroller and get down to the sidewalk and start moving. and Oh how you hate when I stop pushing to pop around the front and take a pic of how cute you look all bundled up with your binks in your mouth. We have many stroller pics of you two yelling at me to get my ass back to work and keep pushing. The fresh air also tires you out so we WILL be walking all winter long. Peyton, you hate when I cover your hands up with the blanket so I am going to have to start putting mittens on you (which you probs will pull off)

My Peyton Pie...

My lil lovie...You are still my little snuggler. You are happy as long as Mommy or Mama are giving you 100% of their attention. You love nursing and would do it all day everyday if you could. It is amazing that when you cannot get settled, you will nurse for 10 minutes then sleep for hours! (Mommy is VERY happy for that!) 

Your personality is coming out more everyday. You LOVE your bouncy seat and you will spend 20 minutes kicking and talking to the toys that are hanging in front of you. You LOVE laying on your aquarium play mat. You especially love sucking on your fingers. Anytime I have to stop feeding you to burp Sawyer, your fingers automatically go in your mouth and you suck away! You still do love your bink especially on car and stroller rides.

You have perfected the one-raised-eye-brow look and give it to strangers often. Sometimes you fake sleeping so people don't bother you - smart lil girl you are. 

You love to grunt, groan, and stretch your legs! Usually during feeding times, you kick your legs nonstop. 

Your hair is coming in slowly but surely and you have this lil blonde peach fuzz that is oh so soft. You still have dark brown hair around the back of your head (George Costanza style) that has been there since you were born. and OH - your eye lashes - AMAZING! You have these bright blue eyes and these amazing chocolate brown eye lashes that melt my heart. 

When you cry, oh lord - are you LOUD! You let us know if you are not happy and give us about 3.2 seconds to respond before screaming. You're a girl that knows what she wants (just like Mommy!)

You tend to spit up the minute I take your bib off so that results in lots of wardrobe changes for you! Luckily, we have outfits on standby at all times. 

Your thighs are getting so chubby and Mommy is hoping you beef up even more. 

You are my perfect lil Peyton Pie...I love you more than chocolate chip cookies. 

My Sawyer Bean...

My charismatic lil Soybean...oh how wonderful you are. You are still wide eyed and LOVE looking around to see everything around you. You turn your head from side to side like a champ.

You LOVE watching tv and will yell at Mommy if I turn you in a direction where you cannot see it. 

Your hair is oh so amazing...You have this lil blonde spikey hair that is just like your cousin Christophers. I spike it up after every bath. Your bright blue eyes get bigger and brighter everyday! 

You love to snuggle but will let us know if you want to be left alone. I put you in your swing and you snuggle right in and take a snooze. Lately, you have loved taking naps on your belly and Mommy is psyched for when you and Peyton learn to roll over which hopefully will mean longer sleep cycles over night. 

You LOVE your bott and HATE when I have to burp you. You scream until I get that bottle back in your mouth. You're a feisty one lil Soy bean and I LOVE that about you. 

You love our walks and usually stay awake the whole time.

You still love to be swaddled every night. A few times you have gotten out of your swaddle and then wake up screaming because you are whacking yourself in the head. The past few mornings you have gotten up early so I bring you into bed with me and you snuggle right back to sleep. 

Your bink is still your best friend. Anytime you are sad or bored, bink makes it all better. Mommy got you some purple and pink binks which you love. 

You are my perfect lil Soy Bean and I love you more than Starbucks.

We are gearing up for your first Thanksgiving and Christmas. I cannot wait to get our tree up and decorated - I know you two will spend hours staring at the twinkly lights. 

Also coming is flu season and I am on red alert to keep you away from any and all germs. I even got little signs for your car seats that ask strangers to not touch. Neurotic - yes but necessary. We went grocery shopping the other day and one lady stopped to admire how perfect you both are (naturally) and Sawyer, you spit your bink out...before I could even react, she was reaching her hand in your car seat to put your bink back in your mouth. I just about pounced on her and told her to not touch my babies...Face it - your Mommy is a germ-a-phobe - a well-warranted germ-a-phobe at that. We will be doing health screenings before anyone is allowed to hold you to make sure they are healthy...just kidding (not really kidding) I need my little loves to stay healthy. You will have plenty of opportunities to roll your eyes on my neurotic ways as we continue through life together but for now, I call the shots :) 

I love you my girls. I hope I am being the best Mommy possible to you both. I cannot wait to spend the next years with you. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

12 weeks!

I remember back when I used to blog about how far along I was in my pregnancy week by god that feels like YEARS ago! 

Now, I am lucky enough to blog about the lives of my lil minions week by week.....soooo HAPPY 12 WEEKS LADIES!!!!!! You are getting so big and so amazing. 

and you are doing so good sleeping....some 5 and 6 hour stretches...but you keep us on our toes by some nights only doing 3 and 4 hour stretches but none-the-less, you're amazing!

We had a great October filled with many snuggles from family and friends, a weekend trip to the Poconos with your fav Uncles and we celebrated your first Halloween.

Peyton - you threw up all over your costume the minute I put it on you so that was fun...luckily our washer has a speed wash setting so 40 mins later you were back in your costume looking so cute! 

My lil skeletons!

 Such lil cuties!

You both are smiling and talking to us like crazy!!

and now you both are screaming for my back soon!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Happy 11 weeks to my lil ladies....You're amazing to me :) 

Amazing....and devious ;) I'll explain why.

While I am loving this SAHM gig, some days are tough...and messy...and sleepless...and that day was today.

Erin and I fed the girls at 10pm last night and surprisingly they both ate 4 ounces at this feed. Typically the last feed of the night is a tough one and they usually do 2-3 ounces but shit, if those 2-3 ounces buy me an extra hour or two of sleep - i'll force gently encourage them to eat as much as possible.

I went to bed hoping for at least 4-5 hours of sleep. I also had made the decision to stop pumping. This was a tough decision for me to make as my hopes all throughout my pregnancy were to exclusively breastfeed for at least the first 4-5 months but with tiny babies, and after a month of trying - that proved to not be in the books for us. Luckily, Peyton will nurse to soothe herself and I am pumping enough for 1 baby so luckily again, our girls are on 50% formula and 50% breast milk. 

Pumping is taking up so much time of my day and I am finding that it is stressing me out too much as it is taking time away from my girls. I will be laying there with one of them snuggled on me but my mind wanders and I get anxious that I have to pump. I was ready to give this up...I know I tried my best and I would rather spend these months with 100% of my attention on my girls rather than being hooked up to a machine. So Erin and I talked and decided that we would move towards 100% formula. Upon getting into bed, I was praying for sleep and was having trouble falling asleep as I was worried if giving up pumping was the best decision (head case much?) 

Anywho - the girls slept until 5am....freakin amazing....We got up...They each ate 3 ounces and after one gigantic throw up due to Sawyer falling asleep with a bit of formula in her mouth then gagging herself...we all got tucked back into bed by 630am and slept until 8am...GREAT NIGHT!

I knew I had plans tonight to head out to dinner with fellow Mom's of Multiples so on my agenda today was to pack for our weekend trip and enjoy my ladies.

I woke up with my bubbies ready to burst due to stopping pumping and knew that this would be the case for the next few days....long story short - my neurotic mind got the best of me and after about 30 texts back and forth with Er...I changed my mind about stopping pumping and scrambled to pump before having to feed the girls again. 

But of course - I had just put my hands free pumping bra in the laundry so I paused the washer while it was still on the spin cycle and dug out my bra...ran back upstairs to put on an ice cold, dripping wet bra and start pumping before my bubbies exploded. 

Pumped for a good 15 minutes and by that time, both of my minions were yelling at me to feed them. 

We got set up on our boppies and the feed commenced. Both girls did their usual I-AM-STARVING-FEED-ME-NOW followed by I-ATE-TWO-OUNCES-NOW-I-WILL-SLEEP. 
so the rest of the feed continued slowly...but they each got in about 3.5 ounces...not great but I'll take it.
I put Sawyer up on my shoulder to burp and this gigantic-500-pound-man-sized burp comes out followed by a GALLON of formula/saliva spewing all over her and the couch, and down my shirt, pants, underwear, etc


I sprint us to the kitchen in attempt to avoid leaving even more vomit all over the house. 
Strip us both in the kitchen (sorry neighbors!) and grab a few hundred wipes to half-ass clean us both up.

Meanwhile, Peyton is left on the boppy to fend for herself which pisses her off to no end and I am pretty sure I heard her scream at me, "WTF MOM  - WHERE'S MY BOTT???"

New diaper and onesie in place and we sprint back to the living room. 

Of course I am still naked as there is no time to run upstairs and grab some clothes for myself. 

We continue the feed and my only focus was now for NAP TIME. OH GLORIOUS NAP TIME. Both girls are milk drunk so we make our way upstairs (still naked) and I get both girls swaddled in their cribs....they lay down and start snoozing. 

I figured I have an hour-ish to finish the laundry, pack up some stuff for the weekend, and hopefully eat something.
oh, and get some clothes on. 

I grab the laundry out of the dryer and head upstairs to fold it and as soon as I get to the second floor..the screaming commences. First Peyton....then Sawyer...I go in and soothe them both without picking them up in hopes that they learn to self soothe.

They both drift off to sleep. 

I run downstairs - make a quick grilled back up to fold laundry and within minutes, screaming again. 

Peyton started it which woke Sawyer so both of them then were in full blown 'I'm having a shit fit mode'  I gave them 10 minutes of screaming before going in. Took Peyton out of the room and laid her in the middle of my bed....Sawyer quickly drifted off to sleep. 

Peyton starts to fade....I pick up my grilled cheese and the screaming starts again. 

Listen ladies, I know I need to get in shape but Mommy HAS to eat. 

Peyton starts...then Sawyer. I give up and we head back downstairs to nap in the swings. They love their swings..I figured this would be the solution....WRONG.

Both screaming. Only content when being held. 

I grab my Moby wrap and throw gently place Peyton in it who starts then nursing through my bra. God damn girl...give me TWO minutes here to get situated. I get her hooked up and pick up Sawyer to rock her.

One babe in the Moby nursing...the other being held...and mind you - I AM STILL NAKED (other than a bra) 

THANK GOD the mailman came earlier in the day or he may have been scarred for life. 

Niether babe ever slept....unless they were on me but since their are TWO of them and only one of me...and seeing as how they still don't have full control of their arms/hands/legs which are always flailing about...two almost 10 pound babes laying on me means that they are kicking and knocking binks out of each others mouths pretty much every 3-5 seconds so this was another FAIL of the day. 

My poor grilled cheese was 2 hours old by the time I ate it. 

Still was delic. 

I feed them again (thankfully I am clothed this time) and put them both in the swings and they drift off to sleep.

Erin comes home to a frazzled wife who has yet to shower, brush her teeth, or talk to another adult yet today. 
Of course now all seems calm and she is left to wonder wtf is the big deal as both of her lil angels are snoozin away and not making a peep.

Well played ladies...Keep that wool pulled over Mama's eyes....Mommy knows you're devising your next move.

Oh - forgot to mention....Sawyer pooped 3 times today...and Peyton 2 I am sure there is dried poop on me somewhere.

What a day :) 

Time for some adult beverages....and to my dear twins, if you're planning to pull some crazy shit tonight, do it between now and before I get home at 10pm...Mama needs to be put to the test ;)

Friday, October 18, 2013


In typing the subject line of this post, I never felt so Caucasian.

And as I google and try to find out who sings the song I was thinking of and then attempting to count how many times they say SHOTS and subsequently trying to spell ERE-BODY? - AIR-E-BUDDY? - yea, I'm too white (and old) to be quoting this song.

Oh and watching the music video of the song - I thought to myself a few times, "good god - what are they wearing?" and "is that how people really party these days??" however, it did make me crave a shot of Patron so maybe I am not THAT old after all. Scratch that..a shot would send me right to bed and prob leave me with a 2 day hangover.

Anywho, speaking of shots...

Shots have a new meaning to me now a days. 

Shots mean my lil nuggets get poked and then cry - then I cry - and Erin instead of crying gets the nervous giggles - then we all hug and head home for a nap. 

Today our girls had their 2 month check up and they are doing fantastic!!

Our little Soybean is not so little anymore as she has surpassed her sister in weight! 

Sawyer is checking in at 9 pounds 11 oz and Peyton at 9 pounds 10 oz.

I never thought I would be so happy to find out how much they weigh...such an amazing job lil mamas. I cannot believe that only a handful of weeks ago we had 4 and 5 pound look at you!!! Round lil bellies and thigh rolls!!

After height and weight checks and a visit with the PA, it was time for shots. 

We had some tears, screaming, and whimpering. 
but I was able to get ahold of myself pretty quickly. 

The girls were troopers...both had some screams and tears but once they were snuggled up back with us - they calmed right down.

My brave lil minions

I think the nurse thought I was a bit nuts because as soon as she took the last needle out of Peyton's leg, before she even put the bandaids on, I scooped her up to snuggle her. The nurse said I might get blood on me but that was the least of my lil nuggets was crying and needed me. 

Now when it was Sawyer's turn and Erin was standing with soon as that last needle was taken out, I was poking Erin in the back to scoop up Soybean which resulted in blood getting all over her onesie (Sawyer's - not Erin's) which caused the nurse to profusely apologize for the mess but I assured her that it was my fault and a little blood doesn't matter at all...heck most days I have dried spit up on my shirt (or even have my shirt on completely sdrawkcab without even noticing - and have company come over who thankfully didn't notice either...Thank you, Aunt Tatie)

I almost had to drop the F bomb in order to get their 4 month appointment scheduled - more on that later...

Thanks for being so amazing my lil lovies...I love you so so much.

Tonight, we are heading to Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill...We all need some Butterbier and some fresh Autumn air to tire us all out. 

You two will understand the amazingness that is Harry Potter someday....Mama will probs force you to read the books...I have the movies for you instead ;)