Tuesday, December 10, 2013


A staple necessity of surviving twins is caffeine. and lots of it. 

Unfortunately, I am a coffee snob and detest any made-at-home-coffee so DD and Starbucks are frequented daily by the girls and I. They LOVE going for a little car ride and getting Mommy some much needed caffeine. 

One day last week you two were snoozing in the car on our way home from visiting Aunt Lizzy and I was yawning a bit too much so I knew caffeine would be needed to get me through the next 6 hours until Mama was home from work. So off we went to the DD drive-thru.

I order a small iced latte...typically I go for a medium but decided on a small today. I get to the pick up window and she tells me it is $4.35....first off, DD comes in second place to Starbucks in my book BUT DD has a drive-thru and Starbucks only has street parking and no drive-thru so 9 times out of 10, DD is the place to go (and Mama appreciates this as DD is significantly cheaper than the bucks)

So $4.35 for a small DD latte? 
For that much I'll head to Bucks for a grande carmel brulee latte. 

I ask the cashier how come it is so much as I usually get a medium iced latte and it is only $2.11. She says that mediums are on sale so thats why it's cheaper. So I said oh well then I'll take a medium. 

She said no its okay...I'll give you a dollar. (which still would make it $3.35)

I said no thanks - I'll just take a medium. She says no. Here is a dollar. I said no. 

After a back and forth of 'here is a dollar' 'I do not want your dollar I want a medium' 'no take a dollar' 'no thank you - I would like the medium for $2.11' 'no here is a dollar' 'I DO NOT WANT YOUR DOLLAR!! I want a bigger coffee for $2!' 'no here is a dollar' 'okay how about you just give me the small but charge me for a medium but you do not have to make me a medium just give me the small but charge me the $2' 'no - here is one dollar' and then her just staring at me as if I was speaking a different language, I ended up pulling away from the drive-thru with no coffee and quite baffled and still yawning. 

So thanks for nothing DD...I would love to say you lost me as a customer but we both know I'll be back tomorrow for a MEDIUM latte as these nuggets wear me out. 

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