Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Catch up

I LOVE blogging daily....everyday when something humorous/frustrating/poop-related happens, I always think that I have to blog about this!
But then something else happens and I forget about blogging and go about my day of poop/diapers/tears/milk/botts/snuggles. 

Anywho, we have been BUSY!!!   The nuggets are FOUR MONTHS OLD!!!

I think we deserve a medal .... and a nap.

This parenting gig is no easy feat and I have a HUGE respect for all the other Moms out there - esp the Moms of Multiples....holy hell this is EXHAUSTING. but so freakin worth it.

Our lil nugs are doing amazing...growing and doing new stuff everyday! 

Remember back when Sawyer was our quiet little babe who rarely cried? and remember when Peyton was our high maintenance lil mama who required 100% of our attention 100% of the time??
Oh how times have changed...

Peyton is now our low maintenance, constantly smiling, never fussing, lil babe

and our lil Sawyer is our whiny, crying, demanding lil nug who found her voice and is not afraid to use it. 

I give these girls MAJOR props on taking turns on being the tough one and I am pretty sure having 1 easy babe at a time is what is keeping Mommy sane. I am sure your roles will switch again soon but I'm ready...I have plenty of patience and Pinot Noir to get me through. 

We have celebrated your first Thanksgiving

as well as your 4 month birthday!!   Blog to come about you being so grown up and checking in at the 4 month mark.

Today I have a cold so I am keeping my distance and not smuggling and kissing you as much as I usually do. You probably are enjoying the breathing room. I'll be back too smothering you soon.

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