Monday, December 16, 2013

4 Months!!!!

Peyton and Sawyer, 

My girls...You're 4 months old!!!! Can you believe it?! You have grown up so much. 

You are both about 12 pounds now and doing amazing at holding your head up and kicking your legs nonstop. Peyton - your legs are still so skinny because they are constantly moving! Sawyer - you still have these chunky thighs that Mommy LOVES.

my Peyton lovie...

You are my happy, smiling, easy to please babe. If you are upset, you usually just need some snuggles or a bott. You have this beautiful smile that warms my heart. You love laying on your belly and holding your head up to look around the room. 

Just this week you have loved sleeping with your giraffe lovie that Aunt Mae Mae got you. You squeeze that giraffe and rub your face in it and almost instantly close your eyes and drift off to sleep. We then sneak in and take the lovie out of your crib once you are asleep. 

You still LOVE being soon as your diaper comes off you are all kicks and smiles. You love laying naked on your blanket just smiling and wiggling your perfect lil bod.

We have gotten some laughs out of you that are adorable!! You love when I blow raspberries on your belly and nibble your cheeks.

You really are so cute that I just want to squeeze you and hold you day in and out...You are beyond words amazing.

We have been to physical therapy to get your neck muscles checked up on and you may need to wear a helmet to help with the shape of your head as you favor always looking to the left. We are not sure yet if it will be needed but I know that you will keep on smiling no matter what is needed. and you look damn cute in PT...

I hate when someone else is touching and holding you and just want to scoop you up and snuggle you. 

You still love snuggling and sometimes when you are having a hard time taking a nap, you just need Mommy to snuggle you and all is right in your world again. 
Sometimes you wake up from your naps and your little bottom lip sticks out and you look like you are a little scared which breaks my heart! I try and get to snuggling you before any tears come out.

You are doing FANTASTIC with your hand-eye coordination. You will pick up any toy that we hold in front of you and LOVE chewing on your Sophie and teething rings. It wont be long before you are grabbing my iPhone out of my hand. 

You have been eating like a rock star the past few weeks. 5 ounces each feed at least...I am so proud of you as for the first 3 months of your life you HATED your bottle. You also have been loving your bink. 90% of the time you hold that bink in your mouth for your entire nap. 

You still are a night owl and rarely fall asleep before 12:30am BUT you are doing an amazing job at soothing yourself and you have spent an hour in your crib just kicking and playing with your hands before succumbing to sleep.

When you see me or Mama you smile and your whole bod does this excited little wiggle squirm that is ammmmazing.

I love you so much.

my Sawyer love...

My little Sawyer bean...You know what you want and when you want it and you are not afraid to let Mama and I know what to do.
As I am typing this you are supposed to be napping but instead you are grunting and groaning and gearing up to scream that will inevitably come within the next 4.5 seconds...

In the past week, we no longer can swaddle you as you have discovered how to roll! It is quite the accomplishment for such a young babe! We lay you in your crib on your back and you throw your legs up and tuck yourself right over on your side. You only wake up and yell for me when you roll onto your back and forget that you know how to roll back.

There are some days where in the early morning hours you just can't get settled back to sleep so I pull you into bed with me and you snuggle right in and let out your perfect baby sigh and we both drift back to sleep...I don't care if it's bad habit to have you in bed with me...I want you coming into my bed to snuggle every morning FOREVER!! 

You have not been eating great for the past week or so but hopefully soon that will change. You usually take about an hour to finish 4 ounces...slow and steady lil bean...I have tried a faster flow nip for you but that results in projectile vomit that usually comes out your nose so for now, slow and steady it is! 

Oh you still do love your bink...I think you started sleeping on your side because you know that the mattress will help hold bink in you mouth so even if you doze off - you wake up and bink is right there. Somedays, I think you only need me to put your bink in..I walk by you and your mouth opens up ready for me to put bink in. 

You have been smiling up a storm and giggle all the time. You LOVE your toys and spend at least 30 minutes everyday holding toys and examining them from every angle. Oh and you get VERY mad and yell when you cannot figure out how to get the toy in your little have a temper my lil Sawyer. But at the same are so so sweet. I will pick you up and you burrow your head into my chest and peek out at the world while keeping most of your face hidden so that you can see what all is going on but still know you are hidden and safe with Mommy.

You have been LOVING kicking your legs and dancing all day long. I think you have a little jig choreographed in your head and you dance for us everyday!

I think you want to eat food so much...anything I am eating you stare at me and your eyes are asking me for a bite...soon lil lovie!!!

You LOVE when I talk silly to you and you get a HUGE smile plastered across your face that stays there for hours sometimes! 

You have been loving looking at our Christmas tree and both you (and Peyton) have taken an interest in Tyson the past few weeks. You watch him as he walks around you and you scrunch up your face when he leans in to lick you.

When you are on your playmat, you spend your time rolling back and forth..I think you are pretty damn impressed at your skills- as you should be. Peyton and I just sit there and watch you. She yells and I cheer for you nonstop. You smile the whole time!!! I have tried to get you on video probably 70 times but anytime my phone comes out, you freeze and just stare at me. I am sure that will be the case for years to come! 

You are looking so damn cute in every outfit I put you in ESP when I pull your socks up to your knees to keep you warm...oh those thighs!! I'd nibble them nonstop if I could and you would totally let me because as soon as I lean in to you, you start giggling. 

I love you so much

These 4 months definitely have been a rollercoaster for all of us! Learning to manage newborn twins is NOT an easy many variables...SO much many tears...not much sleep....lots of boogies and spit up...and I am not sure if I have worn anything in the past 4 months except yoga pants and tank tops?? (not complaining...I am damn comfy and I have cut out the need to "change" into pjs before bed because all my outfits double as pjs and day attire..or at least I say they do)
I do have to say that selfishly, this parenting gig is getting MUCH better as now when you see me you smile and ooohhh and ahhh at me. It is so nice to have you know who I am and your little faces light up when I sing or talk to you. There have been a few times where you both have cried when I left the room - so naturally, I run back in and scoop you up. You OWN me already ladies...keep it up :) There is no where I would rather be then with you!! 

I can't wait to see what else you have in store for me this next month...We have LOTS to do and we have LOTS of amazing outfits that you are going to look ammmmazing in :) 

Mommy loves you too much! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


A staple necessity of surviving twins is caffeine. and lots of it. 

Unfortunately, I am a coffee snob and detest any made-at-home-coffee so DD and Starbucks are frequented daily by the girls and I. They LOVE going for a little car ride and getting Mommy some much needed caffeine. 

One day last week you two were snoozing in the car on our way home from visiting Aunt Lizzy and I was yawning a bit too much so I knew caffeine would be needed to get me through the next 6 hours until Mama was home from work. So off we went to the DD drive-thru.

I order a small iced latte...typically I go for a medium but decided on a small today. I get to the pick up window and she tells me it is $4.35....first off, DD comes in second place to Starbucks in my book BUT DD has a drive-thru and Starbucks only has street parking and no drive-thru so 9 times out of 10, DD is the place to go (and Mama appreciates this as DD is significantly cheaper than the bucks)

So $4.35 for a small DD latte? 
For that much I'll head to Bucks for a grande carmel brulee latte. 

I ask the cashier how come it is so much as I usually get a medium iced latte and it is only $2.11. She says that mediums are on sale so thats why it's cheaper. So I said oh well then I'll take a medium. 

She said no its okay...I'll give you a dollar. (which still would make it $3.35)

I said no thanks - I'll just take a medium. She says no. Here is a dollar. I said no. 

After a back and forth of 'here is a dollar' 'I do not want your dollar I want a medium' 'no take a dollar' 'no thank you - I would like the medium for $2.11' 'no here is a dollar' 'I DO NOT WANT YOUR DOLLAR!! I want a bigger coffee for $2!' 'no here is a dollar' 'okay how about you just give me the small but charge me for a medium but you do not have to make me a medium just give me the small but charge me the $2' 'no - here is one dollar' and then her just staring at me as if I was speaking a different language, I ended up pulling away from the drive-thru with no coffee and quite baffled and still yawning. 

So thanks for nothing DD...I would love to say you lost me as a customer but we both know I'll be back tomorrow for a MEDIUM latte as these nuggets wear me out. 

Catch up

I LOVE blogging daily....everyday when something humorous/frustrating/poop-related happens, I always think that I have to blog about this!
But then something else happens and I forget about blogging and go about my day of poop/diapers/tears/milk/botts/snuggles. 

Anywho, we have been BUSY!!!   The nuggets are FOUR MONTHS OLD!!!

I think we deserve a medal .... and a nap.

This parenting gig is no easy feat and I have a HUGE respect for all the other Moms out there - esp the Moms of Multiples....holy hell this is EXHAUSTING. but so freakin worth it.

Our lil nugs are doing amazing...growing and doing new stuff everyday! 

Remember back when Sawyer was our quiet little babe who rarely cried? and remember when Peyton was our high maintenance lil mama who required 100% of our attention 100% of the time??
Oh how times have changed...

Peyton is now our low maintenance, constantly smiling, never fussing, lil babe

and our lil Sawyer is our whiny, crying, demanding lil nug who found her voice and is not afraid to use it. 

I give these girls MAJOR props on taking turns on being the tough one and I am pretty sure having 1 easy babe at a time is what is keeping Mommy sane. I am sure your roles will switch again soon but I'm ready...I have plenty of patience and Pinot Noir to get me through. 

We have celebrated your first Thanksgiving

as well as your 4 month birthday!!   Blog to come about you being so grown up and checking in at the 4 month mark.

Today I have a cold so I am keeping my distance and not smuggling and kissing you as much as I usually do. You probably are enjoying the breathing room. I'll be back too smothering you soon.