Thursday, June 27, 2013

31 weeks 4 days

Check up again today! 

All is good. 

Deep breath.

HB's are perfect - both in the 150's! 

I am measuring at 35 weeks prego (perfect for twins!) and overall I have gained 24 pounds (which called for a celebratory cheeseburger - not for me - Peyton and Sawyer wanted it!)

Cervix is hard and closed - oh happy day! 

After being told at my last u/s that my cervix had started to thin, I freaked out and panicked worried slightly that things were starting TOO soon but we are good. Now, my neurotic mind needs to chill as it is speculated that cervix checks can stimulate dilation and labor to begin but doc assured me that is not the case (I half believe her) but overall, getting the reassurance that my cervix is holding strong is proof enough that this incessant left side laying is paying off! 

Doc today was amazing and I am PRAYING that she is the one who delivers the girls...She is a strong advocate of vaginal twin deliveries assuming that baby A (Peyton) is head down which as of right now she is - we are good to go w/ a vaginal delivery. 

Also, I received some encouraging news regarding the 12% difference in the girls size as of our last u/s. It is not that the docs are concerned with the difference in the girls size - it is more that they get concerned when one baby stops growing. AND it is ideal to have baby B (Sawyer) slightly smaller than baby A to make delivery easier. SO - as long as they both keep growing - we are worry free (yea..right...I don't think I'll be worry free again.....EVER)

This doc does have some conflicting opinions vs the other docs in the practice - she wants more frequent u/s and non-stress tests to start NOW as opposed to 32 weeks but she was happy with everything today so said to keep all as is and we will reassess on the 10th (after another u/s, non-stress test, and doc appt) 

She drilled it into me that I MUST keep these girls in until 34 weeks at the earliest. So I asked what I can do - she said not much outside of staying out of the heat, drinking gallons of water, and keeping pressure of my cervix as much as possible. She assured me that they will be okay if they came earlier - but with many complications and a very tough and long road ahead of them. I liked her bluntness and honesty as at my appt this past Monday Dr. Douchebag waddled in the room and casually asked if I was ready to have these babies?! EFF NO I AM NOT READY..They are NOT ready! THEY ARE ONLY 30 WEEKS!!! 
They need more cookin time so lock it up and retire already!

Lil Peyton has had the hiccups almost everyday the past few days - takes after her Mama Erin :)

Also, holy eff it is HOT out. Who decided to be prego in the summer months? Genius decision right there...jk jk. 
Worth every second! 

Thank god for AC, Rita's Water Ice, Slurpees, and flowey cotton dresses that hide swamp ass.

Monday, June 24, 2013


30 weeks!!!!!!!

Surprisingly, week 30 is more stressful then week 8 - how is THAT possible? 
Erin and I were talking about this last night and now I feel like some of this pregnancy is in my control - it's on me to take it easy to keep that cervix thick and it's on me to keep my feet up and do whats best for our girls - where as back at week 8 - everything was pretty much out of my control. In typical control freak fashion, I want to control IT ALL and keep on doing it all and still keep these girls cookin until 38 weeks.

Luckily, I have a kick ass wife, fam, friends, and pup to keep me entertained while I am mastering the art of being lazy until the 38 week mark. and Tyson is enjoying having someone to snuggle at all hours of the day...

on todays agenda: laying on my left side, going to the post office, sweeping the floors, and making chicken salad...quite a thrill seeker over here! maybe I'll even do a load of about living on the edge.
WELL worth it for our girls :))

Check out this cutie
CRAZY to think that in 8 weeks our two lil girls will be snuggled in those tacos most likely with me peering over the edge like a creeper as I doubt I will be able to let them out of my sight - even to sleep. (naive first-time-parent talk, I know)

Here's our girls @ 30 weeks!

Grow, babies! GROW!!! At our next u/s I am praying to see 2 babies each of over 4lbs! 

I have been talking to a friend of a friend who has 1 year old twins and it has been awesome to hear her story of the ups and down of her pregnancy and it has made me see how lucky we are that this has been so the prayers continue that the smoothness keeps up for another 2 months.

and now I have to brag about the 2 cutest kids I have ever met...It does not get more perfect than these two...

That lil smirk and lil hand on her new baby girl cousins...gets me teary eyed every time!

and my lil beefcake...He owns me <3

I'll update again soon on the exciting happenings - or lack there of - of my days - after all, everyone wants to read about cervical measurements and how much I love my dog, right?! 
Have a great week all!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Beach, 29 weeks, and u/s

We spent this past week soaking up the sunshine down the shore - great times with family as well as some delic food. I would not be surprised if I gained another 8 lbs this week - as long as our girls are growing thats fine by me! 

We had an u/s last friday @ 28 weeks and 5 days and our girls are looking good. Both are around 3 pounds respectively and heartbeats are strong and right on target. Unfortunately, my cervix has started to thin which is no huge problem but enough to scare the crap outta me....I am staying horizontal as much as possible to keep the pressure of our two lil girls off of my cervix.
Baby A has flipped and is now head down - yay! 
Baby B is still breeched but plenty of time for her to flip around!

I did have my first bout of swelling this past week which also scared the crap out of me but all has subsided now and hopefully stays that way!! 

We start non-stress tests next week and still keeping with the bi-weekly u/s. I have been feeling some pressure which could mean cervix thinning or that both girls are now head down - fingers crossed!! Doc appt this week as well to check on our lil ladies.

My cravings have moved to more salty foods as opposed to sweet - however, I am still keeping Nabisco in business with my chocolate chip cookie consumption. 

We are so lucky that we had an amazing fam that yells encourages me to sit as much as possible and carried my beach chair to and from the beach everyday. 

Erin is still working like an animal around our house! The yard work is a full time job in its own and is lookin damn good thanks to her! 

and here I am with my two fav girls who already love their cousins so much! so freakin cute

And some pics from our girls "first" trip to the beach...They kicked and punched nonstop whenever I was on the beach...They are excited to be lil beach babes already!

29 weeks!

and with my wifey...

heyyy thunder thighs! 

Baby car seats are being installed this week as well as making sure we are good to go to the hospital at anytime - neurotic much? hell yes.  

Fingers crossed for another 2 months before we get to meet our bambinos!!! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

28 weeks!!

Our lil ladies are the size of eggplants this week!!  They are working at getting their lungs strong and putting on some lbs so that we can squeeze and bite them when they arrive in 10 weeks! They are spending their days blinking and stretching about in their lil water beds...and playing soccer with my bladder as I am peeing every 15 minutes these days which could also be attributed to the gallons of water I am drinking daily to ward off preeclampsia and help keep these girls cookin! 
They are approx 2 lbs this week but we will get our exact measurements on Friday @ our u/s...prayers prayers prayers that both babies are doing great. Here we are at 28 weeks!

In other fun news, the girls room and playroom look awesome...Their toys are ready to be played with and all outfits are washed and ready :) Erin has been working her ass off building dressers, hanging curtains and shelves for the reading nook - She's amazing! 

Next week, we are heading to the beach for the week with fam - yay! A week of the beach and delic food and great company. 
Thank jeebus for maternity tankinis...I'll eat and eat without worrying about having to hold in my gut..oh happy day!

I have become quiet boring this past week....getting the crap scared out of me that these girls could come early has made me slow down as much as possible...feet elevated and lots of left side laying is being done. The next 10 weeks will be much of the same....even the dog is bored of me.

Doc appt and u/s in 3 days...fingers crossed and prayers!! 

Monday, June 10, 2013


28 WEEKS!!!   WOOOOOHOOOOO    so lucky we are :)
more on the happenings of us and this weeks pic to come but for now I have a important question for you all!

My 8 year old cousin has expressed concern that once the girls arrive and are talking - and call out "Mommy!"  -  how will Erin and I know which one of us they are calling!?!? Excellent point brought up by a smart 2nd grader that had not even crossed my mind. 
All of our discussions have been on what WE will name our girls which I have not yet posted on here! Coming soon...)

Erin and I have been talking about what names we would like to have - granted considering that these lil ladies have free range to decide what they want to call us! I'll answer to any name in the book as I know that hearing their lil voices call my name will be the most amazing sound ever.

I see us both as 'Mommy' but the ideas of 'Mama' and 'Mum' have been tossed around.

So please! Post your suggestions and recommendations or your stories of how you and you partner created "names" for your kiddos to call you. 

We are so interested and excited to hear! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

27 weeks and shower #2!

Welcome to the 3rd trimester!!!! It seriously feels like it was just weeks ago when we were counting the passing minutes PRAYING nonstop that the babies stayed strong and made it through the first trimester....then spent hours pacing that all stayed healthy through the second trimester and here we are! 2 healthy baby girls growing away and we are onto a whole new set of worries - primarily, how to keep these babies cooking until at least 38 weeks!! paired with worrying about sugar levels, protein in urine levels, BP, getting the house and nursery ready for our lil ones - the list could go on and on! 

Luckily, we are surrounded by amazing people who have gotten us beyond ready for these girls....the adorable clothes - oh my god...amazing!!! These girls are going to be so freakin will be tough to not squeeeeeze them nonstop all day everyday! 

I have moved into the no sleep part of this pregnancy...and pair that with the 90+ degree heat we have been having and I am a sight for sore eyes! Okay with me as long as these babes don't try and make an appearance before late August.
Speaking of these babes, they are quite active these days...some days, I think they are in a boxing match with each other...their punches and kicks are getting so strong!!! 

Doc has now bumped us up to bi-weekly u/s and check-ups and this week we will have our first glucose test. Fingers crossed all keeps going so well!!! I am working on sitting down w/ feet up much more and praying nonstop that all stays healthy. Definitely is a downside that I read so much online because there is SO much that can go wrong....It really is a miracle that there are so many healthy babies out there when there are so many potential problems to be had....praying our girls join the healthy baby club in about 3 months!

Here we are @ 27 weeks!

Yesterday we had our 2nd baby shower and it was amazing! These girls (and us) are so spoiled. I cannot wait to take pics of them in every outfit and swaddle them in every blanket!!! 

A few pics from the shower....

The mamas to be! 

We were lucky enough to have three amazing present openers who are quite adorable too! They are all so excited for their new cousins...Cannot wait to see them love on their new cousins!

and my J, who, after much begging and pleading, FINALLY agreed to help me change the baby girls dirty diapers IF I got her a step stool to keep in the girls room so she can reach the changing table - good deal if you ask me!

and the girls will be J's first cousins...They are going to worship her!!! 

Even the pups made it to the shower and had a great time stealing food from all the plates left on the floor.

A great time had by all :)

Cannot say thank you enough to EVERYONE in our lives for loving these girls so much already!!!!