Monday, June 3, 2013

27 weeks and shower #2!

Welcome to the 3rd trimester!!!! It seriously feels like it was just weeks ago when we were counting the passing minutes PRAYING nonstop that the babies stayed strong and made it through the first trimester....then spent hours pacing that all stayed healthy through the second trimester and here we are! 2 healthy baby girls growing away and we are onto a whole new set of worries - primarily, how to keep these babies cooking until at least 38 weeks!! paired with worrying about sugar levels, protein in urine levels, BP, getting the house and nursery ready for our lil ones - the list could go on and on! 

Luckily, we are surrounded by amazing people who have gotten us beyond ready for these girls....the adorable clothes - oh my god...amazing!!! These girls are going to be so freakin will be tough to not squeeeeeze them nonstop all day everyday! 

I have moved into the no sleep part of this pregnancy...and pair that with the 90+ degree heat we have been having and I am a sight for sore eyes! Okay with me as long as these babes don't try and make an appearance before late August.
Speaking of these babes, they are quite active these days...some days, I think they are in a boxing match with each other...their punches and kicks are getting so strong!!! 

Doc has now bumped us up to bi-weekly u/s and check-ups and this week we will have our first glucose test. Fingers crossed all keeps going so well!!! I am working on sitting down w/ feet up much more and praying nonstop that all stays healthy. Definitely is a downside that I read so much online because there is SO much that can go wrong....It really is a miracle that there are so many healthy babies out there when there are so many potential problems to be had....praying our girls join the healthy baby club in about 3 months!

Here we are @ 27 weeks!

Yesterday we had our 2nd baby shower and it was amazing! These girls (and us) are so spoiled. I cannot wait to take pics of them in every outfit and swaddle them in every blanket!!! 

A few pics from the shower....

The mamas to be! 

We were lucky enough to have three amazing present openers who are quite adorable too! They are all so excited for their new cousins...Cannot wait to see them love on their new cousins!

and my J, who, after much begging and pleading, FINALLY agreed to help me change the baby girls dirty diapers IF I got her a step stool to keep in the girls room so she can reach the changing table - good deal if you ask me!

and the girls will be J's first cousins...They are going to worship her!!! 

Even the pups made it to the shower and had a great time stealing food from all the plates left on the floor.

A great time had by all :)

Cannot say thank you enough to EVERYONE in our lives for loving these girls so much already!!!!

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  1. You look so fantastic! You and Erin look so so happy! I LOVE it :) Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!