Monday, June 24, 2013


30 weeks!!!!!!!

Surprisingly, week 30 is more stressful then week 8 - how is THAT possible? 
Erin and I were talking about this last night and now I feel like some of this pregnancy is in my control - it's on me to take it easy to keep that cervix thick and it's on me to keep my feet up and do whats best for our girls - where as back at week 8 - everything was pretty much out of my control. In typical control freak fashion, I want to control IT ALL and keep on doing it all and still keep these girls cookin until 38 weeks.

Luckily, I have a kick ass wife, fam, friends, and pup to keep me entertained while I am mastering the art of being lazy until the 38 week mark. and Tyson is enjoying having someone to snuggle at all hours of the day...

on todays agenda: laying on my left side, going to the post office, sweeping the floors, and making chicken salad...quite a thrill seeker over here! maybe I'll even do a load of about living on the edge.
WELL worth it for our girls :))

Check out this cutie
CRAZY to think that in 8 weeks our two lil girls will be snuggled in those tacos most likely with me peering over the edge like a creeper as I doubt I will be able to let them out of my sight - even to sleep. (naive first-time-parent talk, I know)

Here's our girls @ 30 weeks!

Grow, babies! GROW!!! At our next u/s I am praying to see 2 babies each of over 4lbs! 

I have been talking to a friend of a friend who has 1 year old twins and it has been awesome to hear her story of the ups and down of her pregnancy and it has made me see how lucky we are that this has been so the prayers continue that the smoothness keeps up for another 2 months.

and now I have to brag about the 2 cutest kids I have ever met...It does not get more perfect than these two...

That lil smirk and lil hand on her new baby girl cousins...gets me teary eyed every time!

and my lil beefcake...He owns me <3

I'll update again soon on the exciting happenings - or lack there of - of my days - after all, everyone wants to read about cervical measurements and how much I love my dog, right?! 
Have a great week all!

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