Thursday, June 27, 2013

31 weeks 4 days

Check up again today! 

All is good. 

Deep breath.

HB's are perfect - both in the 150's! 

I am measuring at 35 weeks prego (perfect for twins!) and overall I have gained 24 pounds (which called for a celebratory cheeseburger - not for me - Peyton and Sawyer wanted it!)

Cervix is hard and closed - oh happy day! 

After being told at my last u/s that my cervix had started to thin, I freaked out and panicked worried slightly that things were starting TOO soon but we are good. Now, my neurotic mind needs to chill as it is speculated that cervix checks can stimulate dilation and labor to begin but doc assured me that is not the case (I half believe her) but overall, getting the reassurance that my cervix is holding strong is proof enough that this incessant left side laying is paying off! 

Doc today was amazing and I am PRAYING that she is the one who delivers the girls...She is a strong advocate of vaginal twin deliveries assuming that baby A (Peyton) is head down which as of right now she is - we are good to go w/ a vaginal delivery. 

Also, I received some encouraging news regarding the 12% difference in the girls size as of our last u/s. It is not that the docs are concerned with the difference in the girls size - it is more that they get concerned when one baby stops growing. AND it is ideal to have baby B (Sawyer) slightly smaller than baby A to make delivery easier. SO - as long as they both keep growing - we are worry free (yea..right...I don't think I'll be worry free again.....EVER)

This doc does have some conflicting opinions vs the other docs in the practice - she wants more frequent u/s and non-stress tests to start NOW as opposed to 32 weeks but she was happy with everything today so said to keep all as is and we will reassess on the 10th (after another u/s, non-stress test, and doc appt) 

She drilled it into me that I MUST keep these girls in until 34 weeks at the earliest. So I asked what I can do - she said not much outside of staying out of the heat, drinking gallons of water, and keeping pressure of my cervix as much as possible. She assured me that they will be okay if they came earlier - but with many complications and a very tough and long road ahead of them. I liked her bluntness and honesty as at my appt this past Monday Dr. Douchebag waddled in the room and casually asked if I was ready to have these babies?! EFF NO I AM NOT READY..They are NOT ready! THEY ARE ONLY 30 WEEKS!!! 
They need more cookin time so lock it up and retire already!

Lil Peyton has had the hiccups almost everyday the past few days - takes after her Mama Erin :)

Also, holy eff it is HOT out. Who decided to be prego in the summer months? Genius decision right there...jk jk. 
Worth every second! 

Thank god for AC, Rita's Water Ice, Slurpees, and flowey cotton dresses that hide swamp ass.


  1. A)ignore Dr. Douche!
    B) Call me anytime you need Rita's!
    C) Call me anytime you need someone to lay around and be a bum!

    I'm so glad I got to feel a little hiccup! Now I want to feel some real soccer-like kicks! These girls may take after their Aunty Fitzy and be soccer lovers!! ⚽

  2. Haha I love Dr. Douche - he delivered both of my babies;) But totes know he can be super frustrating and very nonchalant - which is not cool if that's not what you need!!
    Glad you got a better feeling from the most recent visit ;)