Monday, June 10, 2013


28 WEEKS!!!   WOOOOOHOOOOO    so lucky we are :)
more on the happenings of us and this weeks pic to come but for now I have a important question for you all!

My 8 year old cousin has expressed concern that once the girls arrive and are talking - and call out "Mommy!"  -  how will Erin and I know which one of us they are calling!?!? Excellent point brought up by a smart 2nd grader that had not even crossed my mind. 
All of our discussions have been on what WE will name our girls which I have not yet posted on here! Coming soon...)

Erin and I have been talking about what names we would like to have - granted considering that these lil ladies have free range to decide what they want to call us! I'll answer to any name in the book as I know that hearing their lil voices call my name will be the most amazing sound ever.

I see us both as 'Mommy' but the ideas of 'Mama' and 'Mum' have been tossed around.

So please! Post your suggestions and recommendations or your stories of how you and you partner created "names" for your kiddos to call you. 

We are so interested and excited to hear! 

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  1. How about Mimsy and Mumsy! I kid! I kid! I think you will both figure it out. Or the girls will change it when they start talking. You both look like Mamas to me! Hot Mamas :)