Tuesday, June 11, 2013

28 weeks!!

Our lil ladies are the size of eggplants this week!!  They are working at getting their lungs strong and putting on some lbs so that we can squeeze and bite them when they arrive in 10 weeks! They are spending their days blinking and stretching about in their lil water beds...and playing soccer with my bladder as I am peeing every 15 minutes these days which could also be attributed to the gallons of water I am drinking daily to ward off preeclampsia and help keep these girls cookin! 
They are approx 2 lbs this week but we will get our exact measurements on Friday @ our u/s...prayers prayers prayers that both babies are doing great. Here we are at 28 weeks!

In other fun news, the girls room and playroom look awesome...Their toys are ready to be played with and all outfits are washed and ready :) Erin has been working her ass off building dressers, hanging curtains and shelves for the reading nook - She's amazing! 

Next week, we are heading to the beach for the week with fam - yay! A week of the beach and delic food and great company. 
Thank jeebus for maternity tankinis...I'll eat and eat without worrying about having to hold in my gut..oh happy day!

I have become quiet boring this past week....getting the crap scared out of me that these girls could come early has made me slow down as much as possible...feet elevated and lots of left side laying is being done. The next 10 weeks will be much of the same....even the dog is bored of me.

Doc appt and u/s in 3 days...fingers crossed and prayers!! 

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  1. Tyson is laying on his left side in support of you!!!!