Monday, March 17, 2014

One month!

OMG I haven't blogged in a month. I am so lazy busy. Busier than I have ever been in my whole life!

a quick recap - 

Can't freakin believe I survived SEVEN months of twins. They are super cute these days and 7 months defintely has been my favorite age so far. I'm sure I'll say the same about 8 months, 9 months, etc etc. 

Anywho....Girls, you are freakin adorable.

You smile all day long. You play ALL day long. Peyton, you are army crawling all over the place. It is amazing and scary as anytime I leave your sight, off you go to track me down. and oh you YELL until you can see me again. I don't mind one bit. 
Sawyer you are SO close to crawling. You are up on all fours rocking nonstop. So far you have crawled backwards but have yet to go forward. But you do spin in circles and roll all over the place to get where you need to go. Soon enough I'll have both of you following me around.
I guess I better start cleaning the floor, huh? 

You two still hate your bott but thanks to baby einstein on youtube, I get you to choke down a few ounces...and I have heard it all that babies shouldn't watch tv etc ...well I don't effin care...I need you to eat..this gets you to be it. Mommy is in survival mode! I apologize if when you are older you are addicted to tv due to my exposing you to it at such a young age but you'll get over it...and be the smartest little nuggets out there :)

You both used to LOVE you pretty much hate everything but squash, green beans, and peas. 
Today I managed to sneak in some prunes with your squash and you did not seem to mind or notice.  and oh you look damn cute when you eat and play with your spoons. and surprisingly, even when you don't eat you still look super cute and manage to laugh at me while I do anything I can to get you to open those little mouths. 

You both LOVE music class that we go to every week. Sawyer, you sing the WHOLE time. You're amazing. Peyton you watch every other kid in that close so closely and I know you are dying to play with everyone. Soon enough lil nug. 

You both are doing a great job at learning to sit up on your own. I surround you with stuffed animals so when you tip over you don't get hurt. We have had a few head whacks but nothing major. 

Sawyer love, you still love your bink and your grab that thing whenever you see it and put it in your perfect little mouth. You have been sleeping every night from 930pm until 630am..I cannot even tell you how much Mommy appreciates the sleep. Now my Peyton little stink have been up every night for hours...You're not hungry or hurting..I really think you just miss me because as soon as I snuggle in with you, you go right back to sleep. We have had some sleepless nights but it's all worth it once I see that little perfect smile that you give me anytime I walk near you. 

We have been trying puffs everyday but I am convinced that you think I am trying to kill you. Most times, the tasting of a puff results in a projectile vomit, but we will get it down soon enough.

Now, I know there are a ton of other updates that I have to give but I am going to be selfish and since I have both girls napping at the same time, I have about 4 minutes until someone wakes up yelling so I'm off to inhale some food and fold the laundry. 

be back soon...within 2 months..I promise.