Tuesday, September 24, 2013

7 weeks!

Dear my Peyton and my Sawyer, 


It has not been easy...but it has been amazing! We all have cried and had our rough days but overall, we are doing a kick ass job! 

I already cannot believe how big you have gotten. Every day you do something new that makes me swoon over you and want to eat you up. I still stare at you in amazement that you are REAL and HERE and MINE FOREVER! I kiss you on the lips at least 20 times a day and I don't ever plan on stopping doing that so get used to it ladies!

You both are on the verge of being too tall for newborn size clothes. I really think you are growing up TOO fast already! 

Oh and many of your headbands fit now so I am BEYOND happy...and I apologize to you for the years to come of huge ass headbands and bows that I will be forcing you to wear.

It really does not get much cuter than that.

Mama and I are feeling more human again (most days) as you are sleeping 4 hours stretches over night. We did have a few nights of 5 hour stretches...KEEP IT UP LADIES! Mommy is loving some consecutive hours of sleep. 

You typically go through 3 outfits each everyday. Peyton - you spit up on almost every outfit and Sawyer - you somehow manage to have explosive poops immediately after I bathe or change your outfit which results in another wardrobe change. You're both doing a great job at keeping Mommy on her toes and making sure there are 2 loads of laundry done everyday.

My Peyton Pie, 

You are my serious lil lady. Anytime someone tries to get a smile out of you, you furrow your brow and stare at them as if saying, "I know what you're doing and I am not going to smile so knock it off and get me a bottle."

You are my lil koala baby and LOVE being snuggled and held. I don't care if I am spoiling you, I'll hold you as much as possible. Everyone loves you so much and at family parties, you are passed around and snuggled by all.

You HATE drinking out of a bottle and most of it ends up down your shirt instead of in your belly but we are working on it. When you are hungry, you don't let even a drip come out of your mouth so I think you may just be playing Mommy and making me feel guilty for not breastfeeding you exclusively. Well played little minion, well played.

You are a tough lil girl during the P.M. hours. You have  witching hours from 9pm-12midnight pretty much every night. It is hard on us because we hate seeing you so sad. When your lower lip quivers and you let one tear out, I think my heart breaks a little. Some nights nursing helps...other nights the swing helps..and some nights nothing at all helps. 

You have this amazing, beautiful little face and when you look at me with your wrinkled forehead, I melt. You have the cutest little body and I look forward to nibbling your toes and thighs everyday. You LOVE bath time and ESP love when Mommy gives you a massage after every bath.

Somehow you manage to pee on Mama almost every time she changes your diaper which cracks me the hell up.

Your chocolate brown hair is getting longer everyday and you have these amazing blue eyes! You love being warm and swaddled as long as we leave your arms out. You grunt and groan and make little dinosaur noises that are beyond adorable. You are an amazing stretcher lil Peyton Pie. On the night you were born you laid under the warming lights with your arms over your head like you were sunbathing on the beach (my kind of girl!) and you still love stretching out and relaxing.

Your snuggles keep Mommy sane and I still am amazed that I am lucky enough to keep you forever. Mommy loves you more than I can ever say.

My Soy Bean, 

I do not even think I have words to describe your personality. You are amazing. Your little personality is captivating. You are bright eyed and you will spend hours looking at a light or a toy or at your crazy Mommy who is sticking her face in yours kissing you nonstop. As soon as anyone lays eyes on you, they fall in love.

You have given us a few smiles and your eyes get twinkly whenever you get excited. You groan and making little squeaking noises when you are waking up and stretching. Those little noises melt my heart everyday. If you have a bubble in your belly, you grunt and grunt until it comes out and then let out a little smile and go back to sleeping. 

Your little mouth and button nose are beyond adorable. I nibble them both daily. Your hair is getting a bit darker so it looks like you may be our lil dark blonde babe and your eyes - OMG BLUE EYES - such beautiful eyes you have. I kiss your little eyelids anytime I can. You usually grunt and turn away because I am disturbing your sleep.

You are an amazing eater and each feeding you are always eating more than Peyton Bear - usually 4oz each feed. Way to go lil lady...you're preemie clothes have been packed away for 2 weeks now! 

You are a "perfect" baby. You cry only if you are hungry or need a diaper change. You are content in the swing or in your taco and love just relaxing back and looking around the room. Tyson has gotten some good licks of your face and ears which you didn't love but once you're a little bigger, I think you'll love some Tyson kisses.

You also love bath time and love kicking your legs splashing in the water and oh do you look cute naked!!! You are getting rolls on your legs that I have to wash in between and nibble them while doing so.

Oh and do you LOVE your bink. You sucking on that bink may be the cutest thing I have ever seen. We just touch it to your top lip and you open that mouth and grab it right in and won't let go. Mommy always makes sure to have a few binks close by. 

You are such a lovie and when I hold you, you snuggle right in under my chin and let out this little baby sigh and all is perfect in the world :) You amaze me everyday and it hurts how much I love you. Everyday I love you more than the day before! 

We have a lot of fun stuff coming up in the next months...family parties, trips to the pumpkin patch, lots of Fall walks down the Wissey, and lots of snuggling and nibbling. 

You two are amazing little ladies and I am honored to be your Mommy.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


So when your prego, esp first time prego, we all go out and buy EVERYTHING needed - without regard for if it is really needed or not because for our first baby, we NEED everything!

OF course we need a wipe warmer because who wants a baby with a chilly ass?

Realistically, when you have multiples that you MUST keep on the same feeding schedule - you need cold wipes so when you change the sleepy twins diaper, it gives her a lil jolt to wake up and eat because her sister is having a shit-fit in the boppy demanding her bottle.

and OF COURSE we need 10 pairs of leg warmers (I am still in agreement with this one bc leg warmers KILL me!)

Anywho - While still prego, I did my bottle research and based on all I read and bottles that I have used with other babes - I purchased the bottles that our girls would use. Came home and happily washed and sanitized all our botts and had them ready for use. 
Sounds great right? I was proud of myself for being so prepared.


Why would it be so simple? 

OF COURSE my girls would HATE the bottles I picked. Each time I attempted to give them milk from the bottle, they made faces like I was shoving a hot pepper covered in tabasco sauce in their mouth which was then followed by gagging and screaming and then falling asleep out of exhaustion from screaming which then would lead to my vigorously trying to wake two sleeping babies because WE HAVE TO KEEP TO THE SCHEDULE! (insert sarcasm/frustration here)

So our botts must go! Up until this point we were still using the hospital preemie nips but that cannot go on forever as they are disposable nips and have a 2-3 week usage limit and I already cried to asked the lactation consultant at the hospital for more nips which she happily provided but I do not think she would appreciate biweekly panicked phone calls from a neurotic Mommy who can't find nips her twins will use.

Off to Babies R Us I went and I selected 4 different varieties of botts to try....and spent enough for a free umbrella stroller - score! 
Came home and commenced my wash-sanitize ritual. 
Feeding time arrived and we tried all the botts - one leaked immediately so I threw that off the front porch because no one has time for leaks....one was an angled design which made it IMPOSSIBLE to pour breast milk into it from the breast milk storage bags I use so I spilled some (and cried) so that one got the boot. Another one had a nipple that was HUGE and both girls gagged immediately....but we FINALLY found a winner that both liked - Dr. Brown it is! Sawyer drank like a champ - Peyton spilled everywhere like she does with any bottle as this girl just wants the boob.
Upon my return to Babies R Us to purchase the botts, I spent enough for a free video baby monitor - SCORE again! 

I am proud of my girls for picking the second cheapest bott!

I am not proud of my girls for picking the bott with the most parts. SEVEN parts per bottle. Do they have any idea how much time I am going to spend standing over the kitchen sink washing all these parts?? Damn girls don't even care.  

However - all worth it for a bott that both girls like and THANK BABY JESUS they like the SAME bott. Mommy does NOT need two diff kinds of botts to keep track of. Well done ladies! 

and these are the days of my liiiiiiiiiifffffeeeee....




Oh and since Mama has returned to work, we fill our days Facetiming her incessantly :)

and as I mentioned before...leg warmers...LOVE

Sawyer is saying, "stop taking pics and feed me, damn it"

Today was also bath time for our ladies which is a favorite...except for Tyson...even though we aren't bathing him he still hides in the backyard at the mention of the word "bath" for an hour just in case we decide to put him in.

My lil Peyton Pie

and my lil Soy Bean (check out the double chin...way to go lil lady!)

What a great day!! 

off to snuggle my minions...after I wash 4,298 bottle parts. 

Friday, September 13, 2013


Photobomb post because I only have one hand to do this post as Sawyer cannot refuses to keep her bink in her mouth because it keeps me close by - damn girl is putting me to work round the clock.  

No bink = a screaming Soybean so my right hand is holding it in place for the sake of peace and quiet - Tyson is trying to nap ladies - keep it down.

Peyton bear loving her bink

Pei Wei napping it up in her taco

who you lookin at?

Hey guys!

Taco time for Sawyer

Stretching in our crib

and getting out some good yawns

More playtime with Mommy..

Unfortunately, this week marked Mama's return to work :( We are surviving at home with Mommy but we sure do miss having Mama around. 

We cannot WAIT for the weekend which means when we scream and cry at 2am - that we get a visit from Mama! How amazing is that!? We scream - Mama comes in - lucky us! 

It's feeding time for my lovies so off I go...I may even get to shower today - oh happy day ;)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


My lil minions are running my liiiiiiiiifffeee

which I am 10000% happy with these little ladies controlling every second of every day for the next 30 years...


I never ever ever knew what tired was before now.

Sure last year - a night at Sisters and Stir that was filled w/ RBV's (red bull and vodka) lots of making asses of ourselves dancing - was followed by a day or 2 of being "tired" 

or so I thought......

The recovery days were characterized by laying on the couch....ordering chinese....watching endless hours of The Office on Netflix and dozing in and out of consciousness...

Man...I thought I was "tired"


I was not tired. 

I did not even know what tired was. 

But now, I am confident in saying that I am tired.

and if you even think about telling me how "tired" you are because you went shopping THEN took your dog for a walk THEN cooked dinner...I WILL be rolling my eyes at you and hanging up the phone without even responding. 

That is not tired.

Having twins is TIRED. 

Nonetheless...the past month has been amazing...I still look at these little girls (when I can manage to look at them and have my eyes come into focus before falling asleep) and am in amazement that they are mine. They are so freakin cute and when they snuggle into my chest and tuck their lil heads under my chin - I forget what tired is.
and then when Peyton spits up and baby puke is trickling between my boobs - I take a few seconds to wonder when was the last time I showered and continue snuggling my lil babe.

Granted at 2am I would happily pass them off to you..but at 6am I will demand they come back to me. 

Our lil family of 4 (sorry Tyson - you went to Poppop's for a few days) managed to head down to the beach for a few days last week.

You know..the beach..that relaxing place where you sit in the surf from 10am til 6pm sipping Corona while silently judging the hideous bathing suits that 90% of the people are wearing (way to go New Jersey!)

Well, this is NOT the beach for us anymore.
We went to the beach and did not do anything "beachy" other than sprint down to the beach between feedings for a few quick pics with our ladies....They did seem to love the fresh salt air.

Mama and Sawyer 
 Mommy and Peyton

and we did take a few walks...I think? Maybe it was just 1 walk? This morning is a blur so what happened last week definitely has left my brain.

Our lil Peyton bear :)

and our lil Soy bean :)

Next summer - our lil ladies will be crawling all around the beach..putting sand in their mouths and taking naps under the umbrella...I CANNOT WAIT!!!! 

Our lil Soybean really has been a rock star sleeper...I should mention that these girls may start calling me Drill Sergeant instead of Mommy because I am determined to stick to a schedule because Mommy needs sleeeeeeep. 
Even when we put Sawyer in her crib awake, she usually will soothe herself to sleep. and if she yells, it is because her bink popped out and she needs us to pop it back in - simple fix! 

Peyton however, is not a fan of her crib. Lil lady screams almost every time we put her in. Sometimes its a cry of boredom (which we let her cry out) but others it is a cry of pain :( Our lil Peyton is having some reflux issues and after a visit with our pediatrician today we have some remedies we will be trying so praying something works so we can make our lil lady feel better asap.

ALSO, I need to mention what over achievers my girls are. They are gaining weight like crazzzzy. 

Peyton is weighing in at 7lbs 13ounces
and Sawyer at 7lbs 6 ounces

That is damn impressive! Such overachievers you are :)

Keep on eating ladies...bigger babies means bigger stomachs which means higher intake at each feeding which means longer sleep cycles which equals a happy well rested Mommy who feels human and is not deliriously making her way through the days! 

My minions are grumbling which means it's feeding time so I must run but just a few more pics before I go....

We had a photoshoot with an amazing friend/photographer this past weekend (and we did it on about 2 hours of sleep) Here's a sneak peek of our ladies! 

More to come in a few weeks! 

Here's our lil Sawyer snoozin on Memom 

and both of our ladies on their playmat...Sawyer obvi was pissed at Peyton for keeping her up all night.

Have a great week all!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hey all!

I haven't been here much because I have been kind of busy...lounging on the beach, catching up on my soaps, rainbow looming, and cooking 4 course meals every night!


Really all I have been doing the past 27 days is changing diapers, taking turns having a baby hooked up to a boob, laundry, dishes, wiping up spit up, putting my boobs in the torture chamber aka breast pump, writing down every poop and pee each baby has, and luckily, I have been getting to see friends and family who are amazing and stop by to snuggle the bambinos (and give me a few minutes to do the laundry and pee)

What I have not been doing:
showering daily
candy crushing

and what a fantastic 27 days it has been! 

Granted it has not been an easy 27 days and if I had to do it again - I am not convinced that I would make it through BUT I wouldn't change it for the world! 

More details on the happenings of the past few weeks to come in the weeks to come including: poop - and lots of it, post-pardem not depression, but more of post-pardem psychosis paired with being neurotic, and of course, our first born, Tyson and his adjustments to becoming a big brother.

2 days ago was our lil ladies official due date and now I am expecting them to sleep through the night....eat 4 ounces every 4 hours on the dot...and start smiling at me every time I change their diaper. Reasonable right?!? I think so! 

And here are my lil minions...I know I am biased but good lord - they are CUTE!!! 
(Peyton on the right - Sawyer on the left)

Be back soon (within the next 2 months...promise)