Tuesday, September 17, 2013


So when your prego, esp first time prego, we all go out and buy EVERYTHING needed - without regard for if it is really needed or not because for our first baby, we NEED everything!

OF course we need a wipe warmer because who wants a baby with a chilly ass?

Realistically, when you have multiples that you MUST keep on the same feeding schedule - you need cold wipes so when you change the sleepy twins diaper, it gives her a lil jolt to wake up and eat because her sister is having a shit-fit in the boppy demanding her bottle.

and OF COURSE we need 10 pairs of leg warmers (I am still in agreement with this one bc leg warmers KILL me!)

Anywho - While still prego, I did my bottle research and based on all I read and bottles that I have used with other babes - I purchased the bottles that our girls would use. Came home and happily washed and sanitized all our botts and had them ready for use. 
Sounds great right? I was proud of myself for being so prepared.


Why would it be so simple? 

OF COURSE my girls would HATE the bottles I picked. Each time I attempted to give them milk from the bottle, they made faces like I was shoving a hot pepper covered in tabasco sauce in their mouth which was then followed by gagging and screaming and then falling asleep out of exhaustion from screaming which then would lead to my vigorously trying to wake two sleeping babies because WE HAVE TO KEEP TO THE SCHEDULE! (insert sarcasm/frustration here)

So our botts must go! Up until this point we were still using the hospital preemie nips but that cannot go on forever as they are disposable nips and have a 2-3 week usage limit and I already cried to asked the lactation consultant at the hospital for more nips which she happily provided but I do not think she would appreciate biweekly panicked phone calls from a neurotic Mommy who can't find nips her twins will use.

Off to Babies R Us I went and I selected 4 different varieties of botts to try....and spent enough for a free umbrella stroller - score! 
Came home and commenced my wash-sanitize ritual. 
Feeding time arrived and we tried all the botts - one leaked immediately so I threw that off the front porch because no one has time for leaks....one was an angled design which made it IMPOSSIBLE to pour breast milk into it from the breast milk storage bags I use so I spilled some (and cried) so that one got the boot. Another one had a nipple that was HUGE and both girls gagged immediately....but we FINALLY found a winner that both liked - Dr. Brown it is! Sawyer drank like a champ - Peyton spilled everywhere like she does with any bottle as this girl just wants the boob.
Upon my return to Babies R Us to purchase the botts, I spent enough for a free video baby monitor - SCORE again! 

I am proud of my girls for picking the second cheapest bott!

I am not proud of my girls for picking the bott with the most parts. SEVEN parts per bottle. Do they have any idea how much time I am going to spend standing over the kitchen sink washing all these parts?? Damn girls don't even care.  

However - all worth it for a bott that both girls like and THANK BABY JESUS they like the SAME bott. Mommy does NOT need two diff kinds of botts to keep track of. Well done ladies! 

and these are the days of my liiiiiiiiiifffffeeeee....




Oh and since Mama has returned to work, we fill our days Facetiming her incessantly :)

and as I mentioned before...leg warmers...LOVE

Sawyer is saying, "stop taking pics and feed me, damn it"

Today was also bath time for our ladies which is a favorite...except for Tyson...even though we aren't bathing him he still hides in the backyard at the mention of the word "bath" for an hour just in case we decide to put him in.

My lil Peyton Pie

and my lil Soy Bean (check out the double chin...way to go lil lady!)

What a great day!! 

off to snuggle my minions...after I wash 4,298 bottle parts. 

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