Tuesday, September 24, 2013

7 weeks!

Dear my Peyton and my Sawyer, 


It has not been easy...but it has been amazing! We all have cried and had our rough days but overall, we are doing a kick ass job! 

I already cannot believe how big you have gotten. Every day you do something new that makes me swoon over you and want to eat you up. I still stare at you in amazement that you are REAL and HERE and MINE FOREVER! I kiss you on the lips at least 20 times a day and I don't ever plan on stopping doing that so get used to it ladies!

You both are on the verge of being too tall for newborn size clothes. I really think you are growing up TOO fast already! 

Oh and many of your headbands fit now so I am BEYOND happy...and I apologize to you for the years to come of huge ass headbands and bows that I will be forcing you to wear.

It really does not get much cuter than that.

Mama and I are feeling more human again (most days) as you are sleeping 4 hours stretches over night. We did have a few nights of 5 hour stretches...KEEP IT UP LADIES! Mommy is loving some consecutive hours of sleep. 

You typically go through 3 outfits each everyday. Peyton - you spit up on almost every outfit and Sawyer - you somehow manage to have explosive poops immediately after I bathe or change your outfit which results in another wardrobe change. You're both doing a great job at keeping Mommy on her toes and making sure there are 2 loads of laundry done everyday.

My Peyton Pie, 

You are my serious lil lady. Anytime someone tries to get a smile out of you, you furrow your brow and stare at them as if saying, "I know what you're doing and I am not going to smile so knock it off and get me a bottle."

You are my lil koala baby and LOVE being snuggled and held. I don't care if I am spoiling you, I'll hold you as much as possible. Everyone loves you so much and at family parties, you are passed around and snuggled by all.

You HATE drinking out of a bottle and most of it ends up down your shirt instead of in your belly but we are working on it. When you are hungry, you don't let even a drip come out of your mouth so I think you may just be playing Mommy and making me feel guilty for not breastfeeding you exclusively. Well played little minion, well played.

You are a tough lil girl during the P.M. hours. You have  witching hours from 9pm-12midnight pretty much every night. It is hard on us because we hate seeing you so sad. When your lower lip quivers and you let one tear out, I think my heart breaks a little. Some nights nursing helps...other nights the swing helps..and some nights nothing at all helps. 

You have this amazing, beautiful little face and when you look at me with your wrinkled forehead, I melt. You have the cutest little body and I look forward to nibbling your toes and thighs everyday. You LOVE bath time and ESP love when Mommy gives you a massage after every bath.

Somehow you manage to pee on Mama almost every time she changes your diaper which cracks me the hell up.

Your chocolate brown hair is getting longer everyday and you have these amazing blue eyes! You love being warm and swaddled as long as we leave your arms out. You grunt and groan and make little dinosaur noises that are beyond adorable. You are an amazing stretcher lil Peyton Pie. On the night you were born you laid under the warming lights with your arms over your head like you were sunbathing on the beach (my kind of girl!) and you still love stretching out and relaxing.

Your snuggles keep Mommy sane and I still am amazed that I am lucky enough to keep you forever. Mommy loves you more than I can ever say.

My Soy Bean, 

I do not even think I have words to describe your personality. You are amazing. Your little personality is captivating. You are bright eyed and you will spend hours looking at a light or a toy or at your crazy Mommy who is sticking her face in yours kissing you nonstop. As soon as anyone lays eyes on you, they fall in love.

You have given us a few smiles and your eyes get twinkly whenever you get excited. You groan and making little squeaking noises when you are waking up and stretching. Those little noises melt my heart everyday. If you have a bubble in your belly, you grunt and grunt until it comes out and then let out a little smile and go back to sleeping. 

Your little mouth and button nose are beyond adorable. I nibble them both daily. Your hair is getting a bit darker so it looks like you may be our lil dark blonde babe and your eyes - OMG BLUE EYES - such beautiful eyes you have. I kiss your little eyelids anytime I can. You usually grunt and turn away because I am disturbing your sleep.

You are an amazing eater and each feeding you are always eating more than Peyton Bear - usually 4oz each feed. Way to go lil lady...you're preemie clothes have been packed away for 2 weeks now! 

You are a "perfect" baby. You cry only if you are hungry or need a diaper change. You are content in the swing or in your taco and love just relaxing back and looking around the room. Tyson has gotten some good licks of your face and ears which you didn't love but once you're a little bigger, I think you'll love some Tyson kisses.

You also love bath time and love kicking your legs splashing in the water and oh do you look cute naked!!! You are getting rolls on your legs that I have to wash in between and nibble them while doing so.

Oh and do you LOVE your bink. You sucking on that bink may be the cutest thing I have ever seen. We just touch it to your top lip and you open that mouth and grab it right in and won't let go. Mommy always makes sure to have a few binks close by. 

You are such a lovie and when I hold you, you snuggle right in under my chin and let out this little baby sigh and all is perfect in the world :) You amaze me everyday and it hurts how much I love you. Everyday I love you more than the day before! 

We have a lot of fun stuff coming up in the next months...family parties, trips to the pumpkin patch, lots of Fall walks down the Wissey, and lots of snuggling and nibbling. 

You two are amazing little ladies and I am honored to be your Mommy.


  1. This is so beautiful Mel! Peyton and Sawyer are going to LOVE reading all about themselves when they get older :) You and Erin are such wonderful mamas and have two amazing little ladies!! Love to all four of you ladies!! xoxo

  2. Tear... That was so sweet!! I love it! They are amazing little ladies. Xo