Friday, September 13, 2013


Photobomb post because I only have one hand to do this post as Sawyer cannot refuses to keep her bink in her mouth because it keeps me close by - damn girl is putting me to work round the clock.  

No bink = a screaming Soybean so my right hand is holding it in place for the sake of peace and quiet - Tyson is trying to nap ladies - keep it down.

Peyton bear loving her bink

Pei Wei napping it up in her taco

who you lookin at?

Hey guys!

Taco time for Sawyer

Stretching in our crib

and getting out some good yawns

More playtime with Mommy..

Unfortunately, this week marked Mama's return to work :( We are surviving at home with Mommy but we sure do miss having Mama around. 

We cannot WAIT for the weekend which means when we scream and cry at 2am - that we get a visit from Mama! How amazing is that!? We scream - Mama comes in - lucky us! 

It's feeding time for my lovies so off I go...I may even get to shower today - oh happy day ;)

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  1. I miss my girls and my pup so much!!! Ill see you in a few hours!!! Keep the pictures coming!!!