Wednesday, September 11, 2013


My lil minions are running my liiiiiiiiifffeee

which I am 10000% happy with these little ladies controlling every second of every day for the next 30 years...


I never ever ever knew what tired was before now.

Sure last year - a night at Sisters and Stir that was filled w/ RBV's (red bull and vodka) lots of making asses of ourselves dancing - was followed by a day or 2 of being "tired" 

or so I thought......

The recovery days were characterized by laying on the couch....ordering chinese....watching endless hours of The Office on Netflix and dozing in and out of consciousness...

Man...I thought I was "tired"


I was not tired. 

I did not even know what tired was. 

But now, I am confident in saying that I am tired.

and if you even think about telling me how "tired" you are because you went shopping THEN took your dog for a walk THEN cooked dinner...I WILL be rolling my eyes at you and hanging up the phone without even responding. 

That is not tired.

Having twins is TIRED. 

Nonetheless...the past month has been amazing...I still look at these little girls (when I can manage to look at them and have my eyes come into focus before falling asleep) and am in amazement that they are mine. They are so freakin cute and when they snuggle into my chest and tuck their lil heads under my chin - I forget what tired is.
and then when Peyton spits up and baby puke is trickling between my boobs - I take a few seconds to wonder when was the last time I showered and continue snuggling my lil babe.

Granted at 2am I would happily pass them off to you..but at 6am I will demand they come back to me. 

Our lil family of 4 (sorry Tyson - you went to Poppop's for a few days) managed to head down to the beach for a few days last week.

You know..the beach..that relaxing place where you sit in the surf from 10am til 6pm sipping Corona while silently judging the hideous bathing suits that 90% of the people are wearing (way to go New Jersey!)

Well, this is NOT the beach for us anymore.
We went to the beach and did not do anything "beachy" other than sprint down to the beach between feedings for a few quick pics with our ladies....They did seem to love the fresh salt air.

Mama and Sawyer 
 Mommy and Peyton

and we did take a few walks...I think? Maybe it was just 1 walk? This morning is a blur so what happened last week definitely has left my brain.

Our lil Peyton bear :)

and our lil Soy bean :)

Next summer - our lil ladies will be crawling all around the beach..putting sand in their mouths and taking naps under the umbrella...I CANNOT WAIT!!!! 

Our lil Soybean really has been a rock star sleeper...I should mention that these girls may start calling me Drill Sergeant instead of Mommy because I am determined to stick to a schedule because Mommy needs sleeeeeeep. 
Even when we put Sawyer in her crib awake, she usually will soothe herself to sleep. and if she yells, it is because her bink popped out and she needs us to pop it back in - simple fix! 

Peyton however, is not a fan of her crib. Lil lady screams almost every time we put her in. Sometimes its a cry of boredom (which we let her cry out) but others it is a cry of pain :( Our lil Peyton is having some reflux issues and after a visit with our pediatrician today we have some remedies we will be trying so praying something works so we can make our lil lady feel better asap.

ALSO, I need to mention what over achievers my girls are. They are gaining weight like crazzzzy. 

Peyton is weighing in at 7lbs 13ounces
and Sawyer at 7lbs 6 ounces

That is damn impressive! Such overachievers you are :)

Keep on eating ladies...bigger babies means bigger stomachs which means higher intake at each feeding which means longer sleep cycles which equals a happy well rested Mommy who feels human and is not deliriously making her way through the days! 

My minions are grumbling which means it's feeding time so I must run but just a few more pics before I go....

We had a photoshoot with an amazing friend/photographer this past weekend (and we did it on about 2 hours of sleep) Here's a sneak peek of our ladies! 

More to come in a few weeks! 

Here's our lil Sawyer snoozin on Memom 

and both of our ladies on their playmat...Sawyer obvi was pissed at Peyton for keeping her up all night.

Have a great week all!

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  1. I LOVE Peyton and Sawyer!! Can I come snuggle those lil ladies from 2am-6am...seriously!?!? I would love it!! I could read them my pharm and psych notes; it would be a win win situation...think about it :) Keep up the great work mamas!! Your little ladies are thriving!