Monday, October 7, 2013

Busy busy busy

I can't believe I have not blogged in 2 weeks. Life is flyyying by. 
At other times in my life, I have felt like the days were flying by - when I would be going from work, to a happy hour that lasted until midnight and then repeat it all again the next day. Or busy going from work to grad school to home where I would have to walk to dog and prep for the next day. 

Well, that WAS busy. 

Now (just like being tired) I AM BUSY!

Busy with my minions. Kissing them. Loving them. Washing botts. Laundry. Changing diapers. Wiping up spit up. Speaking of spit up...look at my lil Soybean smiling..and spitting... 

Now that is adorable..and messy.

Pretty much - I have the most amazing job that I have ever had and I am SO lucky to be spending my days taking care of my lil ladies. 

Somedays we say goodbye to Erin and she heads off to work and before I know it, she is walking back in the door...where the hell did those 9 hours go? Sometimes I wonder if I even sat down or peed at all that day. 

The girls are having more awake time everyday which is a great time for me...and not a good thing for the cleanliness of my home or the number of botts that need to be washed.

Surprisingly, I have made a few dinners. It felt so good to cook has been months. It is especially amazing to cook with four little eyes watching me from their bouncy seats. Scratch that - make it 6 eyes as when in the kitchen, Tyson is never far from my feet making sure to eat every crumb that falls.

I am SO beyond psyched that FALL is finally here. I am so effin sick of being sweaty, mosquitos, and air conditioning. 

I am in love with the bright sunshine paired with cool breezes, pumpkins and gourds that are covering my mantle, and particularly with taking long Fall walks with my baby girls and the sound of the leaves crunching as we pass over them with the stroller. 

and lucky for is not that cold out yet so yoga pants are still totally acceptable to be worn everyday.

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