Friday, October 18, 2013


In typing the subject line of this post, I never felt so Caucasian.

And as I google and try to find out who sings the song I was thinking of and then attempting to count how many times they say SHOTS and subsequently trying to spell ERE-BODY? - AIR-E-BUDDY? - yea, I'm too white (and old) to be quoting this song.

Oh and watching the music video of the song - I thought to myself a few times, "good god - what are they wearing?" and "is that how people really party these days??" however, it did make me crave a shot of Patron so maybe I am not THAT old after all. Scratch that..a shot would send me right to bed and prob leave me with a 2 day hangover.

Anywho, speaking of shots...

Shots have a new meaning to me now a days. 

Shots mean my lil nuggets get poked and then cry - then I cry - and Erin instead of crying gets the nervous giggles - then we all hug and head home for a nap. 

Today our girls had their 2 month check up and they are doing fantastic!!

Our little Soybean is not so little anymore as she has surpassed her sister in weight! 

Sawyer is checking in at 9 pounds 11 oz and Peyton at 9 pounds 10 oz.

I never thought I would be so happy to find out how much they weigh...such an amazing job lil mamas. I cannot believe that only a handful of weeks ago we had 4 and 5 pound look at you!!! Round lil bellies and thigh rolls!!

After height and weight checks and a visit with the PA, it was time for shots. 

We had some tears, screaming, and whimpering. 
but I was able to get ahold of myself pretty quickly. 

The girls were troopers...both had some screams and tears but once they were snuggled up back with us - they calmed right down.

My brave lil minions

I think the nurse thought I was a bit nuts because as soon as she took the last needle out of Peyton's leg, before she even put the bandaids on, I scooped her up to snuggle her. The nurse said I might get blood on me but that was the least of my lil nuggets was crying and needed me. 

Now when it was Sawyer's turn and Erin was standing with soon as that last needle was taken out, I was poking Erin in the back to scoop up Soybean which resulted in blood getting all over her onesie (Sawyer's - not Erin's) which caused the nurse to profusely apologize for the mess but I assured her that it was my fault and a little blood doesn't matter at all...heck most days I have dried spit up on my shirt (or even have my shirt on completely sdrawkcab without even noticing - and have company come over who thankfully didn't notice either...Thank you, Aunt Tatie)

I almost had to drop the F bomb in order to get their 4 month appointment scheduled - more on that later...

Thanks for being so amazing my lil lovies...I love you so so much.

Tonight, we are heading to Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill...We all need some Butterbier and some fresh Autumn air to tire us all out. 

You two will understand the amazingness that is Harry Potter someday....Mama will probs force you to read the books...I have the movies for you instead ;)

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