Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2 months!

My baby girls, 

You are TWO MONTHS old! 

You are getting so big, so strong, so entertaining, and so beyond amazing.

Sawyer...You are my bright eyed little lovie. I spend time daily ooo'ing and aww'ing over you and you smile back at me all the time. You have some chubby thighs on you!!! Your favorite time of day is anytime that Mommy or Mama is holding you and snuggling you. You are still my rock star lil eater and now you know that when I put your bib on, that your bott is coming! You can kick your legs faster than I ever thought possible! You HATE HATE when I take out your bott to burp you and scream until it is back in your lil mouth. You have had a few cranky days in the past week but I think it is just gas....or you are sick of hearing your sister screaming so you decided to join the party. I have been eating more fruit so you are a pooping machine. I love healthy babies that eat lots and poop! You did manage two HUGE poops over the past week and poop was all the way up in your arm pits and both you and I were covered in poop! You were wearing an adorable onesie from your cousin Julia and if it was not special - I would have cut it off of you!   You are still LOVING bath time...I cannot wait until you are bigger and I can put you in the big bath tub so you can frolic and splash around for hours! You make everyday amazing. I love love love you my lil sugar bean so much.

Peyton...My sugar love...You are my lil lovie love. You smile at me and get these twinkly eyes on and stare at me all the time. I love how awake you are! You love snuggling and are my little koala bear. We are still working on mastering the bottle but each time, you are getting better - if you want to. You are a determined little girl who knows what she wants. You LOVE laying on your aquarium mat and have spent hours staring at all the toys and I know you are just waiting for the day that you can grab them all down! You have been sleeping in your crib every night - we lay you down and your arms immediately go over your head and you doze right off. Oh and we put socks on your hands so you don't get too cold and oh how cute you are when we wake you up and you stretch rub your face with your socks over your hands!! When other people try and get you to smile, you give them your serious look and make them do silly things in hopes of getting at least a smirk out of you. When I walk around the room, your eyes follow me as if wondering when I am coming back to pick you up. Oh...I got some amazing water proof bibs so I am not changing your outfit after every feeding - oh happy day for Mommy! I love love love you my lil Peyton pie more than I can say.

Here's our lil ladies at 2 months!

Peyton, you were NOT loving this photoshoot. You screamed the whole time. I am beginning to think you really reallllly HATE headbands. We are going to have to work on this lil mama. (and I WILL win this battle ;) 

Sawyer, you snoozed the entire time - which is surprising for you as it was very close to feeding time and you usually are the one who reminds us (by grunting, leg kicking, then screaming) every 4 hours that its feeding time. 

I really cannot believe you are 2 months old. You are and will always be, my most wonderful creations ever.

I love you my little babies.  

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  1. I LOVE reading these posts as it makes me feel like I know more about those precious little ladies! Happy 2 months Peyton and Sawyer!! (I am also noticing some chubby thighs and I can't wait to pinch them soon!!)