Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Happy 11 weeks to my lil ladies....You're amazing to me :) 

Amazing....and devious ;) I'll explain why.

While I am loving this SAHM gig, some days are tough...and messy...and sleepless...and that day was today.

Erin and I fed the girls at 10pm last night and surprisingly they both ate 4 ounces at this feed. Typically the last feed of the night is a tough one and they usually do 2-3 ounces but shit, if those 2-3 ounces buy me an extra hour or two of sleep - i'll force gently encourage them to eat as much as possible.

I went to bed hoping for at least 4-5 hours of sleep. I also had made the decision to stop pumping. This was a tough decision for me to make as my hopes all throughout my pregnancy were to exclusively breastfeed for at least the first 4-5 months but with tiny babies, and after a month of trying - that proved to not be in the books for us. Luckily, Peyton will nurse to soothe herself and I am pumping enough for 1 baby so luckily again, our girls are on 50% formula and 50% breast milk. 

Pumping is taking up so much time of my day and I am finding that it is stressing me out too much as it is taking time away from my girls. I will be laying there with one of them snuggled on me but my mind wanders and I get anxious that I have to pump. I was ready to give this up...I know I tried my best and I would rather spend these months with 100% of my attention on my girls rather than being hooked up to a machine. So Erin and I talked and decided that we would move towards 100% formula. Upon getting into bed, I was praying for sleep and was having trouble falling asleep as I was worried if giving up pumping was the best decision (head case much?) 

Anywho - the girls slept until 5am....freakin amazing....We got up...They each ate 3 ounces and after one gigantic throw up due to Sawyer falling asleep with a bit of formula in her mouth then gagging herself...we all got tucked back into bed by 630am and slept until 8am...GREAT NIGHT!

I knew I had plans tonight to head out to dinner with fellow Mom's of Multiples so on my agenda today was to pack for our weekend trip and enjoy my ladies.

I woke up with my bubbies ready to burst due to stopping pumping and knew that this would be the case for the next few days....long story short - my neurotic mind got the best of me and after about 30 texts back and forth with Er...I changed my mind about stopping pumping and scrambled to pump before having to feed the girls again. 

But of course - I had just put my hands free pumping bra in the laundry so I paused the washer while it was still on the spin cycle and dug out my bra...ran back upstairs to put on an ice cold, dripping wet bra and start pumping before my bubbies exploded. 

Pumped for a good 15 minutes and by that time, both of my minions were yelling at me to feed them. 

We got set up on our boppies and the feed commenced. Both girls did their usual I-AM-STARVING-FEED-ME-NOW followed by I-ATE-TWO-OUNCES-NOW-I-WILL-SLEEP. 
so the rest of the feed continued slowly...but they each got in about 3.5 ounces...not great but I'll take it.
I put Sawyer up on my shoulder to burp and this gigantic-500-pound-man-sized burp comes out followed by a GALLON of formula/saliva spewing all over her and the couch, and down my shirt, pants, underwear, etc


I sprint us to the kitchen in attempt to avoid leaving even more vomit all over the house. 
Strip us both in the kitchen (sorry neighbors!) and grab a few hundred wipes to half-ass clean us both up.

Meanwhile, Peyton is left on the boppy to fend for herself which pisses her off to no end and I am pretty sure I heard her scream at me, "WTF MOM  - WHERE'S MY BOTT???"

New diaper and onesie in place and we sprint back to the living room. 

Of course I am still naked as there is no time to run upstairs and grab some clothes for myself. 

We continue the feed and my only focus was now for NAP TIME. OH GLORIOUS NAP TIME. Both girls are milk drunk so we make our way upstairs (still naked) and I get both girls swaddled in their cribs....they lay down and start snoozing. 

I figured I have an hour-ish to finish the laundry, pack up some stuff for the weekend, and hopefully eat something.
oh, and get some clothes on. 

I grab the laundry out of the dryer and head upstairs to fold it and as soon as I get to the second floor..the screaming commences. First Peyton....then Sawyer...I go in and soothe them both without picking them up in hopes that they learn to self soothe.

They both drift off to sleep. 

I run downstairs - make a quick grilled back up to fold laundry and within minutes, screaming again. 

Peyton started it which woke Sawyer so both of them then were in full blown 'I'm having a shit fit mode'  I gave them 10 minutes of screaming before going in. Took Peyton out of the room and laid her in the middle of my bed....Sawyer quickly drifted off to sleep. 

Peyton starts to fade....I pick up my grilled cheese and the screaming starts again. 

Listen ladies, I know I need to get in shape but Mommy HAS to eat. 

Peyton starts...then Sawyer. I give up and we head back downstairs to nap in the swings. They love their swings..I figured this would be the solution....WRONG.

Both screaming. Only content when being held. 

I grab my Moby wrap and throw gently place Peyton in it who starts then nursing through my bra. God damn girl...give me TWO minutes here to get situated. I get her hooked up and pick up Sawyer to rock her.

One babe in the Moby nursing...the other being held...and mind you - I AM STILL NAKED (other than a bra) 

THANK GOD the mailman came earlier in the day or he may have been scarred for life. 

Niether babe ever slept....unless they were on me but since their are TWO of them and only one of me...and seeing as how they still don't have full control of their arms/hands/legs which are always flailing about...two almost 10 pound babes laying on me means that they are kicking and knocking binks out of each others mouths pretty much every 3-5 seconds so this was another FAIL of the day. 

My poor grilled cheese was 2 hours old by the time I ate it. 

Still was delic. 

I feed them again (thankfully I am clothed this time) and put them both in the swings and they drift off to sleep.

Erin comes home to a frazzled wife who has yet to shower, brush her teeth, or talk to another adult yet today. 
Of course now all seems calm and she is left to wonder wtf is the big deal as both of her lil angels are snoozin away and not making a peep.

Well played ladies...Keep that wool pulled over Mama's eyes....Mommy knows you're devising your next move.

Oh - forgot to mention....Sawyer pooped 3 times today...and Peyton 2 I am sure there is dried poop on me somewhere.

What a day :) 

Time for some adult beverages....and to my dear twins, if you're planning to pull some crazy shit tonight, do it between now and before I get home at 10pm...Mama needs to be put to the test ;)

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