Friday, November 1, 2013

12 weeks!

I remember back when I used to blog about how far along I was in my pregnancy week by god that feels like YEARS ago! 

Now, I am lucky enough to blog about the lives of my lil minions week by week.....soooo HAPPY 12 WEEKS LADIES!!!!!! You are getting so big and so amazing. 

and you are doing so good sleeping....some 5 and 6 hour stretches...but you keep us on our toes by some nights only doing 3 and 4 hour stretches but none-the-less, you're amazing!

We had a great October filled with many snuggles from family and friends, a weekend trip to the Poconos with your fav Uncles and we celebrated your first Halloween.

Peyton - you threw up all over your costume the minute I put it on you so that was fun...luckily our washer has a speed wash setting so 40 mins later you were back in your costume looking so cute! 

My lil skeletons!

 Such lil cuties!

You both are smiling and talking to us like crazy!!

and now you both are screaming for my back soon!

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