Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Need vs Want

So many times I think to myself that I NEED to get the dishes done.
But I WANT to keep making Sawyer smile.

Need vs Want is a common struggle on all levels of life but it has been particularly common when it comes to these babes.

I WANT to hold them 24/7 but I NEED them to be able to soothe themselves as I cannot hold them 24/7/365.

I NEED to get them some 6 month sleepers but I WANT to get them more leg warmers and headbands. 

I NEED to sleep when they sleep but I WANT to decorate for Christmas. 

This also is a struggle when shopping before the girls arrived. Some lessons I have learned. 

You do not NEED to buy the "cheaper" one to save money because it will bite you in the ass down the road and you'll end up buying the more expensive one anyway. 

Ergo carriers - $100 - BUY IT! You may not WANT to spend the money but you will NEED it. The less expensive ones won't work as well and then you are going to end up buying an Ergo anyway and then feeling guilty about not using the other ones...and you have to then store the other ones until your guilt subsides and you sell or donate them.

Moby wraps - $60 - You NEED at least one. Trust me.

Bouncy seats - you NEED one per kid on each floor of the house. Buy 5 just to be safe.

Blankets - you do not NEED 87 cute, fluffy receiving blankets even if you WANT them. But you do NEED gallons and gallons of Dreft. Spend your money on that instead.

Swings - you NEED one per baby. Yes they are huge and will take over your house. Well worth it for the 4 minutes of peace and quiet they give you.

Now, I WANT to keep writing about need vs want and our New-Mommy-Group we went to this morning but my Peyton pie NEEDS me :) 

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