Friday, November 8, 2013

Baby wearin'

One of my fav things to do is snuggle my minions. 

Sometimes I feel bad that since there are two of them and one of me - paired with housework and life - that I am not snuggling them enough. 

then I remember my Ergo and Moby wrap are nearby.

I don't know why I don't wear a baby 24/7...I should. It's amazing for me...and so good for them. 

At first, I had my reservations about the Moby. How the eff can I wrap a small, wobbly headed infant into this sheet and feel safe? 

The first time I attempted to use it...I felt like this guy..

(watch the whole thing...freakin hilarious)

But with the assistance of other Youtube vids...we got it figured out and it's ammmazing. Esp for my lil Peyton Pie who need some extra snuggling during the evening hours.

We are heading to an outdoor baby wearin' workout class in a few days which I am super psyched for it and so are the girls....Sawyer tooted as soon as I told her we were going...obvi she was so excited she couldn't even hold it in.

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