Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I used to be organized. It was rare that I forgot anything. I used to be on top of bills, laundry, cleaning, keeping in touch with everyone, pup grooming - you name it, I had it covered.

Now-a-days, things are different. 

It is a daily occurrence that I am losing my car keys, wallet...at times forgetting a bra or to brush my teeth until 2pm. I cannot even tell you how many times I have gone upstairs and forgotten completely what I was up there to do and came back downstairs empty handed - and usually it takes a day or two to realize what I forgot to do. It is rare that Erin gets a home cooked meal unless it comes out of the crock pot. My car needs to be washed so bad...the pup is in need of a haircut and I am not sure where any of my clothes are outside of yoga pants. 

BUT my two minions are clean and happy...so nothing else even matters.  

This Mommy gig is quite amazing :)

A good morning from my Peyton Pie

This face...<3

oh my Sawyer Bean...perfection

a little smile in there my lil Soybean

Best friends already...unless one of you is screaming and the other wants to sleep then all bets are off and usually it results in both of you screaming....and Mommy too.

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  1. Oh, please know that you are in good company. I still consider myself a clean, neat, organized person who can make a mean dinner from scratch, but, as it turns out, if I accomplish one of those things in any given day,week, or month, I'm pretty darn proud, these days. More than one, I deserve a trophy :) but my kids are happy, healthy, clean, and all that, so I'm doing something right! The house, car....Yeah right!