Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our fav time of the day

While its not as exciting as the moment of the day when Mama walks in from work (which mean I get a few minutes to myself to pee and hopefully cook dinner) - bath time is one of our fav times of the day. 

These lovies would stay in the tub for an hour if I let them - and if their twin sister was not screaming from the bouncy seat nearby impatiently waiting her turn in the tub. 

Once these girls can be in the real bathtub, we WILL be spending hours in there each week. It's a fun time of playing for the girls AND it wears them out which means Mommy gets her fun time of playing too aka sleeping.

These lovies kick their legs and splash and LOVE when Mommy gives them a massage with lotion after each bath. 

Bathtime photobomb :)

My lil Peyton Pie 

and my Sawyer Bean

and one good thing for Mommy is that bath time wears you out and after a nice bath and a warm bott - you usually sleep for an hour which means Mommy gets time to watch Teem Mom and Facebook stalk wash botts and do laundry.

Today we are taking you to your first Outfest in the Gayborhood - gay boys, transvestites, and a whole lotta drunk people - oh my! 

Should be a great day - pics to follow!

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