Saturday, June 22, 2013

Beach, 29 weeks, and u/s

We spent this past week soaking up the sunshine down the shore - great times with family as well as some delic food. I would not be surprised if I gained another 8 lbs this week - as long as our girls are growing thats fine by me! 

We had an u/s last friday @ 28 weeks and 5 days and our girls are looking good. Both are around 3 pounds respectively and heartbeats are strong and right on target. Unfortunately, my cervix has started to thin which is no huge problem but enough to scare the crap outta me....I am staying horizontal as much as possible to keep the pressure of our two lil girls off of my cervix.
Baby A has flipped and is now head down - yay! 
Baby B is still breeched but plenty of time for her to flip around!

I did have my first bout of swelling this past week which also scared the crap out of me but all has subsided now and hopefully stays that way!! 

We start non-stress tests next week and still keeping with the bi-weekly u/s. I have been feeling some pressure which could mean cervix thinning or that both girls are now head down - fingers crossed!! Doc appt this week as well to check on our lil ladies.

My cravings have moved to more salty foods as opposed to sweet - however, I am still keeping Nabisco in business with my chocolate chip cookie consumption. 

We are so lucky that we had an amazing fam that yells encourages me to sit as much as possible and carried my beach chair to and from the beach everyday. 

Erin is still working like an animal around our house! The yard work is a full time job in its own and is lookin damn good thanks to her! 

and here I am with my two fav girls who already love their cousins so much! so freakin cute

And some pics from our girls "first" trip to the beach...They kicked and punched nonstop whenever I was on the beach...They are excited to be lil beach babes already!

29 weeks!

and with my wifey...

heyyy thunder thighs! 

Baby car seats are being installed this week as well as making sure we are good to go to the hospital at anytime - neurotic much? hell yes.  

Fingers crossed for another 2 months before we get to meet our bambinos!!! 

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