Tuesday, July 2, 2013

31 semanas


Despite feeling like a lazy-ass and incessantly laying down to keep the pressure of my two lil ladies off of my cervix, the past week has been busy, exciting, and exhausting. Why is laying around exhausting? It actually takes more effort to lay around then to be up and doing stuff - Remind me of this over the next 5 years when I never get to sit or watch 2 hours nonstop of Extreme Couponing.

Our girls are doing well..HB's are perfect..u/s is a week away and cannot get here soon enough! They are constantly kicking and flipping - they better be getting comfy with being head down!!

I was at the OB today for a quick check - cervix is hard and closed - THANK BABY JESUS!!!!! Once again, I told the doc my apprehensions on him checking it as it can trigger movement but he reassured me and after more resistance on my part, promised me that it would not do anything...I 3/4 believe him, maybe.

Anywho, cervix needs to stay strong and I am under orders to keep doing what I am doing - so thats basically permission to continue eating Oreos 3 times a day? 

After todays appt, my OB appts are bumped up to weekly and u/s appts will be more frequent as well with non-stress tests weekly starting Monday. I am getting braxton hicks pretty regularly which are the weirdest/coolest freaking things everrrr. How can it be no big deal that your uterus morphs into this rock hard muscle and not to mention the shape that it takes on??!! It is like it is squeeeezing both girls and during the contractions we are able to distinguish where their lil heads and coolies are located. They typically pass within less than a minute and fascinate us every time they come on. Our lil Peyton still has the hiccups a few times a day which also causes my bladder to shake with each hiccup so I think I am peeing about 50 times a day now. Sawyer got the hiccups yesterday and since she is breeched, she gave my ribs a good lil shake up during the hiccups. 
I am just proud that I haven't peed myself yet. I have had a few close calls.....and I do believe that it is Erin's goal to get me to pee myself..I'm onto you babe.

The doc today - who is one of my favorites - informed me that he is on vaca for the next 3 weeks so I am not allowed to have these babies until he comes back. SOOO, let's hope I hold up my end of the deal. 

SEVEN more weeks of appts!!! I cannot freakin believe we are in the home stretch. It really feels like just a few weeks ago that we were reading about IVF and mapping out our injections and dreaming of the day that we would be blessed with a baby - or babies!

Strangely, I feel like I will miss these lil girls once they arrive...I am not sure how I will 'miss' them when I plan to never let them leave my side until they are 30 (or maybe 13 as those teenage years can be a bitch) but the fact that they will no longer be in their comfy, safe water beds in my belly is getting me teary eyed (shocker). Once again - remind me of this in a few years when I am begging for 10 minutes by myself so I can shower and shave without two sets of eyes watching me. (make it 3 sets of eyes if Erin is home ;)

Also, this past weekend - my Lovie turned SIX YEARS OLD!!!! Feels like just a few weeks ago that she was a lil girl toddling around

AND the lil beef cake moved up into a big boy bed and was generous enough to give his crib to our girls :)

We also got to spend time with Peyton and Sawyer's other two cousins who are so excited to have more lil girls in the fam!

aaannnddd had a delic dinner @ El Vez with some of our favorite ladies!

AND one of our best friends just happens to be an amazing artist who painted a birch tree in the girls' nursery! beautiful!
I have to get pics of the whole nursery! It's an amazing lil room that smells oh so good and is almost all ready for our lil ladies! 

Even Tyson has been enjoying lounging on the shag carpeting...

We staged this weeks photoshoot around Tyson so that he could be a part of it....He cooperated...
For about 10 seconds....

til he peaced out to go bury his bone in the couch.

Happy 31 weeks (gestational age) to our lil ladies...

We love you so much already and cannot wait to meet you in 7 weeks <3


  1. I swear I get a little teary eyed (also big shocker!) when I read your posts. I love the girls already! Even though they are being stubborn and not kicking for me!

  2. Mel,
    I'm so glad that you all are doing so well! I can't believe that you only have 7 weeks left! Keep up the good work and keep posting. I just love reading your entertaining blog :)