Monday, July 22, 2013

NST @ 34 weeks 1 day

Well, Erin and I are happier than Tyson on steak night as we had a successful NST appt today!!!

We were hooked up for about 30 mins - no detectable contractions - and both girls had perfect accelerations and baseline heart rates. 

Obvi, we are still camped out at Mom's which has been great thanks to our amazing hostess and amazing guests who keep us sane and bring delic foods and esp two lil pint sized visitors who I tend to squeeeeeeze nonstop.  
So all is calm and good - other than mentally obsessing over the dust that is accumulating at my house....luckily, in a few weeks I won't notice dust bunnies as I will be too busy snuggling my two perfect lil daughters. Let's hope we have another full week before the lil ladies debut.

Big day tomorrow...I am already updating my Netflix queue so that I can stay somewhat sane for the next 15 hours as I know sleep will be elusive. Send any recommendations my way! (I have to wait for Erin to watch Orange is the new Black and she refuses to stay up all night w/ rude ;)

Tomorrow is an OB appt followed by an u/s for a fluid and growth check. and thankfully my fav Greek OB is back in town. I should say he is my fav c-section OB....He was not an advocate of my choice for a vaginal twin delivery but now due to the partial placenta abruption - it looks like we are having a c-section no matter what. Not my preference but totes okay with it if it means our lil ladies coming safely.  

I really think one of the two above factors (fluid and growth) will be reason enough for our docs to say that it's go time. 
I  have given up my hopes of making it to 38 weeks....I would love to make it to 36...and desperately want to make it to 35 soooo....praying that tomorrow gives us a good report and we get the green light to come back home and keep on obsessing 24/7 relaxing.

Granted, each day I have been saying that today is the day so perhaps its a mix of mother's intuition as well as my neurotic type A self pretending that I actually have some control over this situation - most likely more of the latter. 

Keep on sending the prayers and I'll hopefully be home tomorrow after OB and u/s to send an update on our lil ladies who WILL remain cookin just a bit longer. 

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