Thursday, July 11, 2013

NST #2 at 32 weeks 4 days

Todays appt was MUCH less eventful than Mondays - THANK GOODNESS! 

We arrived for our second NST a bit early and got to look at all the baby pics hanging up in the Perinatal Testing Center's waiting room. SO many twins!!! and SO many twins with impressive birth weights...many with 5lb babies - and a bunch with both babies over 6lbs. I need these mama's phone numbers so I can find out what they did to keep their babes cooking so long!!! As of right now we have an almost 5 pounder and an almost 4 pounder and THOUSANDS of prayers that both keep gaining and get over 5lbs by our next u/s.

We had an amazing tech today who explained in more detail to Erin and I what the test entailed and what all it measures. Immediately upon hooking up the girls they both started having a lil dance party. Their heart rates both raised and then subsided - showing the tech the spikes that she needed to see to make sure both placentas were pumping as they should be. 

My stomach was doing flips! Erin sitting about a foot across from me was amazed at their movements. My stomach morphed shapes probably 10 times in the first few minutes of the test as the girls were really kicking and punching in there.

So after the first 10 minutes of the test, the remaining 20 minutes (they test all twins for 30 minutes whereas with singeltons they end the test once a reading is received) was just a formality to get a complete read on the girls. After their workout session during the first few minutes, both girls took a snooze and woke up again towards the end of the 30 minutes...both with perfect, strong heart beats the whole time <3

The test also did not detect any measurable contractions - YAY! 

Now, we are on a break from doc appts until Monday where we will have NST #3 and an OB appt...prayers and fingers crossed that all stays good and healthy!! 

Here we are @ 32 weeks...

Erin is still hoping to get me to pee myself but so far I have managed to NOT let her achieve that goal. Let's hope she has another 6 weeks to keep trying before our girls come.

Both girls had the hiccups simultaneously yesterday which was a crazzzy feeling and it occurred right after I chugged some ice water - I so sorry girls if I caused your hiccups but mama needs you to keep drinking, peeing, and growing!!!

Have a great rest of the week all!

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