Monday, July 8, 2013

NST #1

Well, what a day it has been....stressful and scary as eff. 

Day started off just fine - I was feeling great and excited for my first non-stress test to get to hear the heartbeats and make sure all is okay.
Test started out just fine - tech was great and said all was going just fine. I spent the 30 minutes staring at the monitor because it still amazes me that I have TWO babies with heartbeats growing away in there. 

I had an u/s schedule for Wednesday so the tech said she would see if they could fit me in today to save me a trip back on Wednesday - but their schedule was too booked today I was told no dice on rescheduling which is fine with me. 

The test went on and the tech said all was good but baby B's heartbeat dropped a few times in the beginning of the test so they want to do an u/s just to check her fluid levels and that I will still need to come back Wednesday for my usual u/s. 
I started to panic but not too too much. 

Into the u/s room I went and the tech said she had time and would do a complete u/s so I wouldn't have to come back on Wednesday. Slight panic set in first because Erin was not there with me because this was not scheduled and I know how much she wants to see the girls and just scared because something must be wrong if they are squeezing me into an already tight schedule. 
She continues to look at the girls - Peyton is still head down - yay and looking great. She is measuring an impressive 4lbs 9oz and is growing like a weed! Sawyer is measuring 3lbs 15oz and is causing the docs some concern because she is not growing as much as they want her to be growing. Her belly circumference is smaller than they would like to see and her amniotic fluid levels are too low. 

Begin freak out. 

All else looks good though! Heartbeats for both are great and they both were very active and moving nonstop. The flow through both umbilical cords was great as well - good news, 

The tech leaves and says to wait for the doc. What felt like HOURS later, the doc comes in and comments that I sure am stirring things up around the perinatal testing center today. I respond with a confused and demanding, "why? what all is happening? should we be very concerned?" She says that the difference between the girls is now 14% - still okay - not in the danger zone but it is not the difference between them that concerns her - it is the fact that Sawyer is not growing as much as she "should" be where as Peyton is doing beyond impressive - even on a singleton scale. Doc continued that she would recommend admitting me for further monitoring and to get on an IV to increase my fluids which has shown to increase amniotic fluid levels. 
I ask if she is extremely concerned - she said she wasn't worried, yet. But there is enough going on that she wants to call my OB and fill her in and then send me up to her office. 
I ask her when she sees these girls coming. She said she does not see them coming today - but soon. I ask if we will make it to 38 weeks and she said no. SOOO...our girls are coming early! Now just to PRAY AND HOPE nonstop that 'early' means no sooner than 34-36 weeks. 

Doc sends me to wait in the hallway while she calls my OB. I frantic text Erin to come meet me at the hospital and I focus on leaning over to hear the u/s Doc on the phone w/ my OB to hear what she has to say. 
Basic run down - the variables between the girls is more than just a mild issue. 
Sawyer's activity is fine but her fluid is low and the belly measurements of Sawyer are only in the 3rd percentile. 
Overall, both are decent sizes with decent heartbeats. 
She suggests sending me to L&D to get on IV and monitor for a day and then increase NST's to twice a week and keeping a very close eye on the girls. 
So off I go to L&D! 
Proceed to get lost in the hospital but Erin finds me and we head over. 
Get strapped up to the monitors by an awesome nurse who is friends w/ my mom and also took care of Megan when she had J and C. All looks good. 
My OB comes in and is happy with what she sees with the fetal monitors and agrees that closer monitoring is what is needed paired with incessant left side laying and water intake by the gallons. 

Now, we take things day by day and I need to stop being a paranoid head case and be appreciative of every single hour that these girls stay cookin and get stronger.

I had planned on doing lunch w/ Megan and the kids after my NST but due to this bump in the road - they came over to the hospital to meet me and as always, seeing those two kids makes everything better immediately. J kept a close watch on me and held my hand the whole time...brings tears to my eyes to see this pic and see what an amazing kid she is. 

So, now we are on a schedule of NST's every Monday and Thursday. Doc appts weekly and biweekly u/s. 

If any NST shows any drop in heart rates then they will do an u/s right away just to check. 
My prediction - each appt will be an u/s and NST and doc appt possibly with a few more trips to L&D for further monitoring. WHICH IS FINE BY ME! (and maybe next time I won't be such a basket case)

I would rather they watch these girls every second of every day to make sure they keep growing and moving and esp that they are not in any stress, ever. 

These lil girls have been so strong the past 32 weeks - starting with the obstacle of OHSS back in December and January to getting awesome reports at each and every check up. They are getting tired of being SO perfect and figured might as well start stirring things up now before they are born and really shake up all of our lives in an amazing way!! 

Prayers for another few weeks of cookin time and good test results every other day!!

Deep breath.


  1. My poor bud! What a day! Hang in there and tell those girls to stay put for a few more weeks! I will come relax and lay on the couch with you! Xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness Mel! You take care of yourself and those sweet little girls. It seems that you are in great hands. Prayers coming at you for the safety of your health and the little ones :)