Tuesday, July 16, 2013

33 week photobomb

33 weeks!!!! 

Quite a roller-coaster the past few days have been but here we are .... 33 weeks along!! Still praying nonstop that we have another 4 weeks to go but also working on accepting that our girls probably will be here sooner BUT in time, they will be okay....praying.

33 week photobomb ahead!

my lovie trying to stay warm in our hospital room that was a cool  70 degrees because I was overheated pretty much the whole time we were there - sorry bubs!


 hey guys!

back at Mom's...reunited with Tyson Ferdinand!!

We are even lucky enough to have our own lil crew of amazing "docs" coming to the house to check up on our babies heartbeats <3

New shoes for the lil ladies arrived too - How freakin cute!

Mom's basement has been taken over...

our lil ladies at 33 weeks and 2 days! 

Keep the prayers coming and fingers crossed that we keep making it through each hour and each day without any incidents!!

Thank you all more than we can say for all the prayers and support....I wish I could hug you all individually...These lil ladies are so lucky to be joining such an amazing group of family and friends...love you all <3


  1. Mel,
    My goodness girl! I am so glad that you are doing fine after all of that major drama. I'm glad that the girls are healthy, happy and still growing strong. I have to give you props for staying so strong. I'm glad you are closer to the hospital now and its nice to know you have so much support :) Stay strong girl! I will keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming your way :)

  2. Mel & Erin,
    This post is adorable. LOVE all the photographs. You look so cozy. Keeping the prayers coming your way whether the girls come sooner or later, I know they will be okay :) Love you four. XoXo