Thursday, July 25, 2013

NST @ 34 weeks 4 days

A great report this morning at our NST! 

Erin and I were not the most optimistic as we both for some reason thought something was going to be wrong or that today was going to be THEE day. First, I was SO tired this painful-first-trimester-tired and did not want to move out of bed so I was rushing around minutes before we had to leave and THEN the cafeteria at the hospital was closed so Er couldn't get her morning coffee and THEN the tech we had was the same one that I had 2 weeks ago when I got sent up to L&D for monitoring aka freaking scared as all hell. 
It is not the tech's fault that this happened but throughout my 30 minutes of monitoring that day she kept saying "all is good" "just a bit longer" then BAM as she was taking the monitors off of me she said that I had to go over for an u/s as baby B's heart rate kept dropping. I had already texted Erin to say all was good and I was heading out....maybe it's her people skills I didn't care for but anywho - we thought something was going to happen today...

BUT our lil nuggets decided to behave and all was perfect :) 

Peyton and Sawyer both had stellar accelerations and perfect baseline rates. A few small contractions were detected but nothing to be concerned about.

So - twin girl baby watch 2013 continues! and we continue to be thankful for each day that our lil ladies stay cookin and hoping that we have another week or two to go.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has been so amazing to us by visiting and feeding us and keep us all sane....esp Madre for her hospitality to us and the pup. 

I'm off to eat some dinner...again. It's the baby girls that want a non-stop and never ending smorgasbord of so many delic foods so I am just doing what my baby girls want...I'll worry about love handles later...
or never thanks to spanx and tankinis.

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  1. I totally thought Thursday was the day! Even going to bed Wednesday night, I thought to myself, Mel is going to wake me up in labor, I just know it!!! But these girls keep surprising us!!! We are so lucky to be so far along and have them at such healthy weights!!!! Every additional day we have is a little more security!!!