Thursday, July 18, 2013

NST @ 33 weeks 4 days

Since the beginning of our fertility journey, I have commented on what a roller-coaster ride we anticipated it to be and as we moved through the steps of failed IUI's, IVF, OHSS etc - I realized what an actual roller-coaster ride it is. Well I had no effin clue what an actual emotional/physical roller-coaster ride it would become in these last few weeks. 

Today, we went over to the hospital for a our twice weekly NST and we got perfect results!  Our tech said they have textbook healthy heartbeats and showed perfect accelerations. She wished that she would have had a student there to see such a perfect display of an NST. 

Listen up, my two lil drama queen daughters, not that I don't GREATLY appreciate a stellar NST performance, but can we at least try and not have any major scares over the next 2 weeks? Because even though your Mama and I try to keep our heads on straight, getting a stellar review from the doc at an NST does cause us to get our hopes up a bit that we in fact do have more time before your much anticipated arrival. So lay low, enjoy all the delic food I am feeding you, and just chill for the next 2 weeks - simple as that! You can kick me all you want. Keep that lil foot of yours wedged under my ribs as it has been if that makes things more comfy for you. Just stay healthy and stay put!!!! 

We have a break from doc appts for the next few days - back again Monday for another NST - Tuesday for u/s (AFI check and growth check - BIG deal here! Praying!!) and OB appt Tuesday as well.

We are PRAYING and HOPING nonstop that each day and night go by without any hardships and that these two lil ladies keep on behaving! 

35 weeks would be an amazing milestone to make it to and it GREATLY increases our chances that our lil ladies will be born with minimal NICU time needed, and be able to nurse, and come home with us a few days after they are born. 

Praying nonstop!!

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