Monday, July 15, 2013


Another day in the books! (almost at least seeing as how its 5pm - hope I am not jinxing anything there) I'll correct myself - ALMOST another day in the books! 

Today was filled with good news, reassurance, and still some unknowns...but overall, things are okay.

We started the day w/ an u/s to check fluid levels. With twins of this size, it is impossible to get an accurate read on the actual fluid levels. So the AFI is out the window....pretty much the u/s tech just eye balls it and determines whether it is sufficient or not. and today - both babies looked good! Sufficient fluid on both sides of the membranes. This number can change with whatever position each baby takes on but the good news is that they looked good! 
We then went right over for our NST and once again - both girls looked great. They both had accelerations and established healthy baselines and did not show any signs of stress. Also, no detectable contractions were recorded. The lack of contractions did not surprise me as 90% of the time I experience BH contractions with cramping and lower back pain later in the day - after 4pm-ish and that is the case currently as I am typing this. BHs are kicking in with lower back pain - fingers crossed this is a short lived episode and nothing progresses! 

After the NST, the head doc of the Perinatal Testing Center came in to talk to us about the u/s and NST results - of course this lead to a lump in my throat that something is wrong but she only had good news to report. She was the same doc that I saw last Monday when we had the rough NST that landed us up in L&D for a few hours so I think she just wanted to check in and give us some reassurance after our stressful, scary weekend that all looked good. Greatly appreciated! She was happy with both babies NST results as well as with the fluid levels around both babies and is hoping that we have a few weeks left.

Up to OB we went. Our doc informed us that she is quiet upset with the twins for causing such drama this past weekend - trust me lady, I agree! These lil drama queens need to cool their shit and enjoy their temp controlled water beds because its an effin heat wave out here and no one wants to be arriving in 100 degree temps with 800% humidity. STAY PUT LADIES!

We drilled our OB with questions which she happily answered. She does have confidence that we COULD keep these girls cookin for another 2 weeks...however, she warns that there are no guarantees. 
She wants us to remain within minutes of the hospital because if there were to be another bleed, the chances of it being a more severe bleed are high. She does believe it was a placental abruption that was able to clot on it's own - thank baby jeebus. We could have another bleed...or none at all! We could have contractions kick in even stronger than they are now or we may not. It really is a waiting game at this point....waiting and praying and neurotically over analyzing every twinge that I feel.

Overall, I have gained 30 lbs and am measuring 41 weeks prego! Aside from the contractions, back pain, and constant worrying - I feel amazing. This pregnancy really has been amazing and it continues to be a blessing. I am still not ready for it to be over but trying to be confident that we have some time left.

I'm off to lay on all 4's to try and kick this back pain - there's a visual for ya! Hope you're not reading this while eating ;)

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