Saturday, July 20, 2013

33 weeks 6 days

Well, we're still here...and our lil ladies are still cookin!!! 

Talk about drama queens...they pull their shit once 2 weeks ago and then again last Friday night...and then they both spend the next 7 days sleeping and causing NO drama of any kind yet, we are on our toes and on edge that any movement or twinge could be the beginning of labor progressing or another abruption. 
THANK BABY JEEBUS we have not experienced any of the above and even though I know I am a broken record - we are realllllly reallllllllllllly praying to make it to 35 - at least.

My incessant and obsessive casual and occasional reading of every a few articles online about preemie babies is important as it is giving me a realistic view of the challenges our lil ladies may face - but there is always the chance that our lil over-achievers may not need any of the possible intervention services that many preemie babies need. On the flip side, it gives me a scary as eff view of how tiny and weak our lil ladies still are. 
Luckily, our hospital is teamed with a kick ass NICU group as well as an amazing support group of friends and fam to keep us sane throughout these times of so many unknowns. 

Our days have been thrilling...lots of snuggles w/ the pup as well as probs 10 episodes of 16 and pregnant (totally acceptable to pass the time rolling our eyes at these unprepared and idiotic 16 year olds, right?) 
I also am eating like a freakin horse. Seriously, probs gaining a pound a day over here. 
I'll work my ass off to lose the extra weight later but my reasoning is that weeks 32-40 of pregnancy are there to help the babies gain weight...well, since our lil ladies seem to be on the fast track to meet you all, we have no idea how long we actually have to beef these lil girls up so I am doing my part as best I can to help bring two impressive sized twin babies into the world. 
Today for lunch was THREE slices of pizza...and some cookies..yesterday was made up of fried pickles, a chicken finger wrap, a blizzard, a breakfast sandwich..and I am sure a slew of other baby-fat-building foods that I am forgetting. 

So come on, beanie and squishy - eat up.
Because we all know I am on a strict feeding schedule that is causing some killer love handles but is oh so delic at the same time.

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  1. Those lil ladies are going to be oh so adorable and squeezable and kissable!! Keep on cookin' lil babies, we all can wait a bit longer to meet you both :) xoxo