Tuesday, July 23, 2013

34 weeks 2 days - U/S, OB appt, and some other news

I do not think this morning could have been any more perfect. After a sleepless night thanks to a pup who has developed a new fear of thunderstorms, I woke up feeling crappy...back was aching and just overall feeling shitty..but things quickly turned around...

We are so beyond lucky, this all does not feel real. 

We started the day w/ an OB appt and all was great....I am measuring 45 weeks prego and doc is optimistic that our babies are doing great and has faith that we have some more cookin time. He is concerned that another abruption could occur but is confident that our girls will be okay even if they arrived today.

He explained further how he considers 37 weeks to be full term w/ twins so do all we can to make it to 37 weeks. So of course I ask, what can we do?? 
Basically, nothing. Water, feet up, keep the pressure off my cervix and just hope for the best. 
He also considers 35 weeks to be a milestone so praying we can make it until at least then!

Off we went down to the Perinatal Testing Center for our u/s...both girls look FANTASTIC!

Baby A is weighing in at 5 pounds 8 ounces
and Baby B weighing in at 5 pounds 4 ounces

They are on track perfectly for their due date. 
Both HB's are perfect
and all bone/organ/head/stomach measurements are right on track and they are within centimeters of each other. 

2 weeks ago we were looking at a 14% difference between the two girls but thanks to our lil Sawyer, the difference is now down to around 4%...way to go lil soybean!!!!  Keep on growing baby girl

The u/s doc said he thinks we have another 3 weeks max before these girls arrive which is okay by us as the u/s tech commented on how strong our girls look. Their lungs look so strong and looking at their weights, they are two strong lil ladies! Praying lots!!!!

Here we are at 34 weeks 1 day...

Also, in other news - and in typical Erin and Mel style - we have decided to shake things up a bit and we have some news. For months now, we have been calling our lil ladies by their names...after much discussion and debating, we have changed baby A's name. While Charlotte is a beautiful name that we both love, we felt drawn to another name.....

Baby A....

Baby B....

Our lil Peyton and Sawyer...We are so in love already. 

I am in awe at how strong these little ladies already are. Peyton is growing like a champ and Sawyer is doing a stellar job of keeping up with her big sister. 

Keep the prayers coming for our lil ladies - We are doing great but still need prayers and positive thoughts to help our lil ladies get even stronger! 

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