Tuesday, July 9, 2013

OB Check-Up

Fairly uneventful Doc appt today. No u/s or NST - just a quick HB and BP check. 
My heart was beating out of my chest mostly due to being paranoid as eff about my babies but also because I had been vertical for about 3 hours prior to the appt - my heart was pumping. BP was slightly high but nothing concerning. Weight was good - gained 2lbs since last check. The nurse could not find Sawyers HB so that gave me a even higher heart rate but in the 2 minutes it took her to get the doc to come in, Sawyer must of done some turns and the doc found it in seconds - thank god.
Both HB's are good - 155 and 160. 

The doc I saw today was the same doc who I saw yesterday in L&D. It was great to get to talk to her at greater lengths about what all is going on and what to expect. She is optimistic that we still have some time to keep these girls cooking but she did warn me that there is no way to know exactly what is to come and that my water could break at anytime and completely change our "plans." 

Thinking optimistically, she had me schedule my c-section for 38 weeks. 
The u/s doc yesterday assured me that due to Sawyer's size and low amniotic fluid there is no way we are making it to 38 weeks but the doc figured no harm in being optimistic. So August 22nd is our girls tentative c-section delivery date!!!!

Granted this all depends on what the next few days/weeks bring and also on what doc I see when I go in for delivery as there are so many differing opinions on if I am allowed to deliver vaginally with baby B still breech. 
So, out of the 5 docs in the practice - 2 will allow me to deliver vaginally if baby A is head down and B breech (which they are now) but the other 3 docs will ONLY allow vaginal delivery if both are head down...so COME ON LIL SOYBEAN - FLIP!! AND GROW!! AND PEE TO MAKE MORE AMNIOTIC FLUID! 

I feel like I am drowning these girls - and myself - with my increased water intake but studies have shown that maternal increases in fluid intake can increase amniotic fluid. 

Anyway, doc appt went well...she checked my cervix and it is hard and not funneling at all - THANK BABY JESUS. It better stay that way. 

I also got to see a graph of both babies growth over the past months....Peyton has been spot on 50th percentile and she is continuing to grow. Our lil Sawyer was steady in the 35th-45th percentile all along - but now has somewhat plateaued - which is the cause for concern. She is still growing - just not as much as they would like. 
So come on baby girl---drink, pee, GROW!!!!!!

Back to the hospital Thursday for NST #2 that hopefully will show 2 strong, regular HB's, and no trips to u/s or L&D. 

Keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming for these lil girls!!!! 
We need another 4-6 weeks of cookin time before our girls join us! Although we cannot wait to snuggle you both - we want you to come when you're strong enough to breath, nurse, gain weight, and come home with us a few days after your arrival.  

I am pretty sure I will never put you down or let you out of my sight. Ever. This whole not being able to have control of when these girls come is torture. 
Once they are here, I can make sure they are never sad or scared. But right now, I worry all day everyday that Sawyer is struggling in there and there is nothing I can do about it. Even though the test show that she is okay, it still scares me to death to think that one of my girls is not okay and I cannot do anything to help her. 
Prayers prayers prayers.

It has been a sad two days as we found out that Peyton's godmother and my best friend's pup tragically passed away yesterday. It is so unfair and sad why these things happen. 

Diggy - You are missed and loved so much by us all. Tyson wants you to know he will never hump another pit bull again - you were his one and only. We know you are up there running around on doggy beach in heaven. You are missed more than you will ever know.

Love you bud

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