Friday, May 31, 2013


WHAT THE EFF - IT IS MAY - NOT JULY, NOT AUGUST...WTF is up with this 95+ degree heat with 100000% humidity. 

The baby girls do NOT like this weather AT ALL. 

Next week, we will have some solstice with 70 degree's going to feel like January up in here...Thank baby jesus! 

The girls had a check up today and ALL GOOD NEWS was had! 
HB's are 160 and 154....I am measuring about 33 weeks along. I am now at 154lbs - total gain of about 15lbs and FOUR pounds since my last appt - YAY!!! Probs will continue with gaining 1lb a week from here on's tiiimmee for the biiiiggg gggiiirrrllssss!!!!
My BP and urine are all perfect. Doc was very optimistic that these baby girls will not be showing up until after 38 weeks - YAY!!!!!

I did ask what I can do to keep these girls cookin and unfortunately, there is not too much. Take it easy, plenty of fluids, feet up, eat healthy and I'm on it!  I plan on spending the next 3 months doing just that.

We are now moving to u/s and appts every 2 weeks to keep an eye on these lil ladies. One big worry I keep having is that one will grow faster than the other and that this will lead to a pre-term delivery. NO basis for this worry as of yet as at my last u/s 2 weeks ago, they were both right on par with each other and while there was a slight difference - it was so minimal that they do not consider it a difference at all - THANK GOD!!! Just gotta keep on eating every few hours!

Also, this coming week I will be having my first glucose test - bring on the flavored, gross, gag-inducing juice - fingers crossed all is on par. 

We have our 2nd shower this weekend!!! How lucky are we!? Can't wait to see the fam and eat some deeelic food!

AND I get to see my lovie bear, J, in her dance recital tomorrow...TISSUES NEEDED! Last year I cried so hard watching her people around me asked if I was okay....This year may be worse as now I am combating my usual basket-case-ness AND prego hormones. Luckily, at almost 6 years old, J doesn't see me as embarrassing YET - still years to come to embarrass her - and myself.

Back to folding baby clothes and fighting with the dog for the closest seat to the AC vent.

Happy weekend all!

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