Tuesday, May 21, 2013

25 weeks!!!

25 weeks!!!!! Our baby girls - and my waistline - are GROWING!!! I feel amazing other than moving slower than usual. Insomnia has also been setting in. Most nights I am up from 2am til 5am just laying there...reading the new on my phone - and by news I mean Perez Hilton and BuzzFeed, of course. I'm okay with the insomnia as it is good practice for once the babies arrive!

This past weekend we had an amazing baby shower thrown for us that was absolutely fantastic. I'll post pics and details about that later this week! 

Erin spent last night putting together one of our cribs - and a job well done it was :)

Hard to believe that in 3 months we will have a lil baby sleeping in there! (if I can bring myself to put them in the nursery  a whole 3 feet away from my room...that's the tough part...neurotic, I know)

and here we are at 25 weeks!
Special appearance from Tootie the Giraffe who served as an awesome shower decoration as well as a gift to the girls! 

Tootie had been living at my sisters house and has been being well taken care of by my niece, J, who was sad to see Tootie leave her house. 

After all, us longnecks have an affinity for giraffes!
It really is impossible to get any cuter than that :) 

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  1. Love that growing belly!! Well done on the crib Erin!! I can't wait to see the nursery all put together :) soooooo happy for you both!! Xoxo