Friday, May 17, 2013

U/S this morning! 24 weeks 5 days

U/s this morning and I am beyond impressed at how well our baby girls are doing!!! We are so beyond lucky at how strong they are. 

They are each measuring perfect for GA of 24 weeks and 5 days. Baby A is measuring 24 weeks 6 days and Baby B is measuring 24 weeks 2 days - such a small difference that they do not even consider it a difference. 

Baby A has a stellar heartbeat of 151 bpm and Baby B is equally impressive with a heartbeat of 157 bpm.

Baby A is weighing in at 1 pound 9 ounces and Baby B at 1 pound 7 ounces. Stellar weights for each of them - oh happy day!!

Baby B cooperated perfectly and did some poses and flips for us while Baby A was still snoozing away, face down, and did not wiggle around no matter how much we poked and prodded her. 

Baby A typically has been the shyer twin who does not flip and kick as much as Baby B and today - that reigned true! 

The doc and u/s tech had only positive things to say about our lil girls!! Cervix looks perfect and they both are perfectly on target. I do not know how we got so lucky!! Doc said to keep on doing whatever it is that I am doing so I am instructing Erin to buy some stock in Nabisco because the amount of chocolate chip cookies I eat is only bound to increase now that the doc gave me permission to be a fatass healthy, pregnant with twins lady! 

Here's our lil girls....

This perfect profile....warms my heart every time I see it...such a miracle!

The tech also took some time to make sure our lil girls are still in fact lil girls and that they are!!! 

It is hard to tell but right in the middle of each of these pics is the pointer that is pointing out their lady parts. 

Here's the two girls - heads together - already scheming on how they are going to drive their mamas crazy...

and here is Baby B doing some acrobatics with her leg posed up over her head...
Look at that lil leg and foot just chillin up over her head. It explains why she has been the more boisterous of the two!

Next check up in 2 weeks and next u/s in 3.5 weeks!!

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  1. Glad to here the girls are doing great. And you got so lucky because your an amazing, caring, loving person as is erin! And also cause your friends arr amazing!