Thursday, May 2, 2013

Check up

Unfortunately, I still cannot kick this cold which has now turned into ear infections so off to see my primary I went...I was hoping to avoid meds 100% because even though they are "safe" for the babies, they still have to affect them in 1 way or another and the doc agreed with me but assured me that she was the same way during her pregnancies and ended up sick like I was and had no choice but to get on meds and her babies are just fine. So 10 days of antibiotics has started! I still wish I could get the liquid amoxicillin - that damn delic bubble gum flavor is one of my favorites. 

After an appt with my primary, I headed upstairs to my OB for a check on the girls. This was my first time meeting with this particular doctor in the group and I am beyond impressed! First off the nurse listened to their heartbeats and both were perf - baby a 152 and baby b 143. According to her chart, I have only gained 8 pounds thus far but I am convinced that scale is wrong as I thought I had gained about 15? I am POSITIVE I have inhaled at least 15 pounds of cookies so that must equate to at least 10 lbs on my bod!
This doc gave me more information than any other doc had before...telling me the detailed results of our anatomy scan and also of our first tri-screening....1/14,000 chance that the girls have downs and 1/10,000 chance of any abnormalities...go baby girls! He also was impressed with my cervix and assured me that these baby girls will NOT arrive before the week of August 14th..thank baby jesus! Keep em cooking!     

We touched on the topic of how to deliver - V vs. c-section and he is prob the most liberal on this topic our of any doc in the practice. He assured me that if the first baby is head down then we will proceed with a v delivery. As of right now both babies are breeched and it will not be until about week 30 that their positions are fixed due to lack of room to flip around so plenty of time for them to both get head down and stay that way!!! 

Also, I got to swing by our fertility doc and drop off our unused IVF meds to be donated to a patient who does not have insurance coverage for IVF. It was great to see all those ladies again and felt good to be able to give so many meds to someone who needs them. We were beyond lucky that we had a quick stimulation cycle so that we were able to donate some unused meds. 

In other news..

I am beyond excited to get the nursery set up ... it is painted and looks amazing. I finally got around to moving our clothes into the walk-in closet and dressers so the babies room no longer looks like a scene from Pretty Women with clothes strewn everywhere.

Shings (who is now shingles free) and her kiddos are FINALLY coming over to our new house tomorrow - I cannot wait to get my 5 year old nieces opinions on how to decorate the babies nursery. Talking to her is more like talking to one of my girlfriends than to a Kindergartner and she does not hesitate to tell me if my ideas suck and put in her own two sense :) 

Next scheduled u/s is on the 17th - can't wait to see our girls again :) 

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