Monday, April 29, 2013



How amazing! Our lil ones are the spaghetti squashes this week. Doc appt Friday - no u/s just doppler and measurements. 
I am packing on the lbs these days and up to 156 which is roughly 20lbs heavier than I was pre-prego (138-140) yay for baby weight which means our girls are growing bigger!!! I am def doing my part in the inhalation of chocolate chip cookies (sorry blood sugar) but also inhaling veggies to counter-act the chocolate chip cookies (hopefully!)

Now, get ready to swoon...the outfits that the girls will wear in their newborn photo shoot arrived...I am still in awe...leg warmers and headbands...omg dyyying

In 3.5-4 months, our lil ones will be rockin these ... so freaking cute AND still surreal :)

Also, got to celebrate my lil Beefcakes 2nd bday this weekend...paired w/ a photoshoot in my sisters bedroom because I was wearing a dress (which is so freaking comfy)...Hey engagement photo photobomb in the background!
AND a lil pic of Erin just because she's cute...
as she is enjoying her mango martini - It is so fun picking and ordering what alcoholic drink she will drink...Maybe turning her into a lush? ;)
I still have a complete aversion to the thought of any alcohol or even the smell of it...I wonder if I'll ever go back to it? Probs not for a long time. (however, an extra dirty martini does not sound half bad - but an italian hoagie still is more appealing)

Tyson is making an appearance on the blog once again with a Pinterest inspired photo....
That lil pup face gets me every time...he has been snuggling his babies nonstop recently..getting reading for his de-throning. 

and our weekly bump pic - 22 weeks...amazing!
Our baby girls getting so big! 

In other news...we are getting settled in our home and I am over-anxious to get everything DONE and organized! The nursery is currently serving as our dressing room which reminds me I should get off the comp and stop wasting hours on Pinterest and get to organizing or grad school work that is staring me in the face. 

Tyson is loving his new found freedom with his dog door and spends most of his days barking at butterflies. We are beyond psyched to have everyone over to hang out soon and we are pretty content never leaving our home again which is lucky for us because I am sure we will be home-bound for the first month after our lil ladies join us. 

3.5 months to go! 


  1. Love the pictures!!!! esp you, the girls and Tyson, that just melts my heart. i need that framed STAT!

    and i love when you pick my cocktails at dinner!!

  2. Love the pictures!! I get even more excited to meet my future "nieces" when I read the blogs!! Xo