Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Anatomy scan

Last week we had our 20 week u/s and anatomy scan...the girls are doing great. Our tech was ammmmmazing. Told us every bone that she was measuring and made sure I was overly comfy the whole time as the scan lasted about 1.5 hours. Such great service, I'll tell ya.

Even my mom got to sneak out of the OR for a bit and come see the babies. and we all know how medical professionals are - once another person from the same profession is in the room the name dropping and use of technical terms increases greatly so once mom arrived the tech stepped up her game and talked even more about all that she was doing and seeing. 

U/s photobomb ahead:

baby b waving!

baby a sucking her thumb!

We did get a few shots w/ the 3D/4D u/s machine as well...the girls were pretty wiggly so did not get too many but still is amazing to see how much they have grown from our first u/s pic months ago.

The doc was nice enough to check and make sure we still do have two baby girls coming to see us this September and WE DO!! 

These profile shots still make me tear up every time I see them! Look at those perfect lil in love - more than I ever thought possible.

and here we have baby b almost stepping on baby a's face...nice sibling rivalry starting early...

another profile....amazing!

next u/s May 17th and a check up w/ the doc next week....yay babies!!!!!!

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