Thursday, April 4, 2013


Yesterday, we had our scheduled monthly OB check-up. All went fantastic!

Our nurse was COMPETENT this time and easily located both heartbeats. Both babies sound perfect! She reassured me that we had TWO! 
The doppler she used was much more advanced that our at home monitor and she did not even have to search for the babes. Just plopped on a big squirt of the lube and found them immediately. I think this proves that Erin deserves major props as with our doppler you really need to be right on top of the bambinos in order to locate their heartbeats - well done, Er!

I am measuring about 22 weeks prego which for being 18 weeks prego w/ twins is right on track. 
Gaining weight a bit slow but nothing to be concerned about. In the past 4 weeks, I gained 3 pounds. She would like to see me gain 1 per week soooo....time to eat! Okay by if I can just find a healthy dish that I LOVE (outside of chocolate chip cookies, vanilla bean ice cream, nilla wafers, and chocolate cadbury eggs - sweet-tooth much?) Last night I gobbled down an impressive-to-me amount of broccoli but that was purely done to make room on my plate for spicy twirly fries.  

Still feeling so lucky that we have these two bambinos cooking away :) 
Will do our gender reveal post soon!!

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