Monday, April 1, 2013

Busting at the seams

HOLY HECK - it has been an amazing few days. 

Literally, busting at the seams for a few reasons: 
1) this growing prego bump!
2) the over indulgence in Halloween candy (HAD to leave that typo - Halloween? Really? How about Easter?     to my brain - you are missed)
3) the excitement over finding out the GENDERS OF OUR BAMBINOS!!!!

We are beyond psyched ... it still feels surreal. I have to wait a few more days to post on here what the genders are as we have a few more friends we need to tell in person. I'm sorry for the teaser but the excitement is over-whelming so I had to mention that we found out. I have spent over 24 hours on etsy planning out the newborn photo apparel and loving every onesie I come across! 

We had an u/s Friday and the babes are doing great!!!! Both measuring a half pound and look healthy and perfect! I was slightly worried that the babies would be too small - Maybe because I have not gained that much weight yet and according to the books I should have gained a good deal more than I have but all is good - thank baby jesus!

During the u/s the doc switched to a 3D ultrasound which we were NOT expecting and it was beyond words amazing. One of our babies was doing the sprinkler (getting dance moves from his Mama Erin) and the other kept covering and uncovering their eyes. So wonderful. 

Another u/s in a few weeks and a doc appt check up this week. 

We were 18 weeks yesterday which is basically our half way point...time to focus on keeping these babes cooking until mid-August!

Baby bump!

And here are our lil ones at their u/s on Friday (17 weeks 5 days)....I am still in amazement! 


  1. You look so cute!!! Can't wait to meet those little babies!!

  2. Love the 3D shots, they look perfect!!